Minechat Ban 1.1

Ban iPhone clients from connecting to your server.

  1. Justin393
    MineChat ban is a simple plugin that will kick anyone if they log into your server with a client like MineChat. It works by checking the first message they type, and if it contains aything in the config.yml they will be kicked with the message you define in the config.


    With this permission node you can log into the server using your favorite mobile client. You can also use this node as a V.I.P perk to be able to MineChat on your server.

    Blocked-Clients: Place the message that the client says when they first login under this category. - MineChat Message: This is the message they will be kicked with. - You have been kicked due to logging in without a computer.

    Requires 1.7.9 or higher.

    Just drop into your plugins directory and stop/reload the server then edit the config and you're good to go!

    Feel free to leave comments for bug fixes/suggestions.

Recent Updates

  1. Release version 1.1