MineComm v0.995

Game to IRC chat, with game permission based irc commands, console commands and display

  1. Ziptrax
    MineComm is an IRC to Minecraft plugin. This plugin supports IRC to Game, Game to IRC, Console display and commands, plus many Game commands from IRC. This plugin uses a more secure method to authenticate users and check in game permissions.This does not use Pircbot.
    To use IRC commands, you MUST have a nickserv registered nickname on the IRC network you are on, and you must have used /ircreg in game to register that nickname as yours. The bot then checks that the nickname issuing the command is registered with nickserv, then looks you up in game to see what permissions you have before it allows you to complete a command.

    • Relay chat from a specified IRC channel to Game and vice versa
    • Relay Game events to IRC
    • Relay IRC events to game
    • Translate colours from game to IRC, IRC to game and console to IRC
    • The bot can join multiple channels
    • The bot can respond to commands in IRC chat
    • The bot can send any command to the game via the console
    • The bot can display console messages to a specified channel
    • Supports prefixes and suffixes
    • Monitors player command usage
    How to Install

    Place the jar file in the plugins directory on your server. Either restart your server to create a basic config file, or edit and copy the included config file into a MineComm folder in your plugins directory.


    • Vault. Needed to easily access economy and permissions
    • Essentials. Only needed if you want to use the mute and unmute commands

    For Ingame commands
    • MineComm.<COMMAND> op Every command requires a permission node.
    • MineComm.ircpm
    • MineComm.irclist
    • MineComm.ircreg
    • MineComm.connect
    • MineComm.disconnect
    • MineComm.reconnect
    For IRC commands
    • MineComm.commands.seen
    • MineComm.commands.money
    • MineComm.commands.pm
    • MineComm.commands.warn
    • MineComm.commands.kill
    • MineComm.commands.info
    • MineComm.commands.respawn
    • MineComm.commands.givemoney
    • MineComm.commands.takemoney
    • MineComm.commands.setmoney
    • MineComm.commands.kick
    • MineComm.commands.mute
    • MineComm.commands.unmute
    • MineComm.commands.ban
    • MineComm.commands.unban
    • MineComm.commands.tp
    • MineComm.commands.announce
    • MineComm.commands.viewinv
    • MineComm.commands.item
    • MineComm.commands.raw
    • MineComm.commands.console
    • MineComm.commands.activechans
    • MineComm.commands.ip

    In Game Commands
    • /ircreg <nickname> Registered your irc nickname to allow you to do commands from irc
    • /irclist Lists all users in all public channels
    • /ircpm <nickname> <message> Allows you to private message someone on irc that is in a public channel
    • /connect Allows someone with the permission to make the bot connect to irc
    • /disconnect Allows someone with the permission to make the bot disconnect from irc
    • /reconnect Allows someone with the permission to make the bot disconnect then reconnect to irc
    IRC Commands
    • .about
    • .players
    • .pm <player> <message>
    • .seen <player>
    • .money <player>
    • .warn <player> <reason>
    • .kill <player> <reason>
    • .respawn <player>
    • .givemoney <player> <amount> [optional reason]
    • .takemoney <player> <amount> [optional reason]
    • .setmoney <player> <amount> [optional reason]
    • .kick <player> <reason>
    • .mute <player> <time> <reason>
    • .unmute <player> <time> <reason>
    • .ban <player> <reason>
    • .unban <player> <reason>
    • .tp <from player> <to player>
    • .announce <message>
    • .viewinv <player> <reason>
    • .item <material[:type]> <amount> <player> [optional notes]
    • .raw <irc command>
    • .console <console command>
    • .activechans

    v0.85 - First public release


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