MineCopter 0.4.1

A Rideable Helicopter

  1. Fly Engine Improvements

    - You SIT now on your minecopter insteadof flying above it.
    - Improved X & Z Fly Engine (no stucking)
  2. 1.8 Spigot fix (reupload)

    Added 1.8 Support
  3. 1.8 & 1.10 Support & Gravitylaser Particles

    - Support now 1.8,1.9 & 1.10
    - Added beam particles for Gravitylaser
  4. Minor Bug Fixes (Block Placing,Wolf Feeding etc)

    - Wolfes cant be feed anymore when during MineCopter is active
    - Barrier & Glass cant be placed anymore when during MineCopter is active
    - MineCopter will unselect after Respawn
    - Cant Pickup Items during MienCopter is active
    - Cant shoot with bow during MineCopter is active
  5. More Bug Fixes

    (TESTING) MineCopter shouldn't mulitply anymore
  6. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a Bug when Players could drop the Items.