Minecord Beta 11.1

An advanced chat channel management plugin.

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    The local project repository has just been restored. Some codes maybe missing, but currently doesn't affect the general runtime of Minecord.

    This is an advanced chat channel management plugin. The aim of this project is to let players chat privately, increasing privacy, also for game plugin developers to easily generate team chats by using the API of this plugin.
    • You can have multiple servers (Not Minecraft Server) representing a topic, faction, team, etc.
    • You can have multiple channels inside a server, representing a category of the topic of the server, like spam-channel, announcements, photo-only-channel, etc.
    • Each player will have a small profile and visible to public. You can always modify the profile.
    • A rich API is built for developers to build extension plugins of Minecord.

    This plugin requires database to store data. It is tested that MySQL works completely fine, so MySQL database system is recommended, download available from here.

    Make sure you provide correct information, including the database host, username and password in the configuration. Incorrect information will cause the plugin to fail from loading data from the database. More information about configuring Minecord properties will be mentioned below.

    It is discouraged to modify data from the database currently, until a tutorial on how to manage the data from the database is posted. Minecord will automatically generate databases and tables needed, so you don't need to initialize the database for Minecord yourself.

    This plugin uses .properties (properties file) instead of .yml (Yaml configuration file), so configuring it requires a bit different skill, but it will be easy by copying the text below and replacing the place holders with your own data.

    Code (Text):
    # Place Holders are for example #placeholder#
    Host is the URL used to connect to the database. It could contain or not contain a port. The URL cannot be validated by only browsing it with an internet explorer because the host may not contain a main webpage. The default value is localhost:3306.

    Username is the username of an account in the database system. It is recommend to use the root account because you may revoke permissions that Minecord requires in other accounts. The default value is root.

    Password is the password of the account with the username provided in the properties. The value is secured and not accessible from Minecord in the Java Runtime Environment, also not shared to third parties. The default value is admin.

    Format is the how the message sent by a player will be displayed. Currently disabled.

    Message load count is the amount of messages which will be sent to users that just joined the Minecraft server or the channel. Increasing the count will make Minecord using more memory when loading messages. The default value is 20.

    • info - Displays the Minecord version.
    • reload - Reloads data.
    • config - Only reloads properties
    • database / db - Only reloads data
    • server #name# - Display a server information according to the server name provided.
    • servers #desc# #approvement (true/false)# #invitation (true/false)# #permanent (true/false)# #member-names ...# - Search for a server with a filter and display its information.
    • channel - Display a channel information according to the server and channel name provided.
    • channels #server-name# #desc# #main (true/false)# #member-names ...# - Search for a channel inside a server with a filter and display its information.
    • gui - Currently disabled
    • join #server-name# #channel-name (value/null)# - Join a server.
    • leave - Leave your current server. Leaving default server does nothing.
    • profile #username# - View the profile of users with the argument string as name.
    • Servers and channels can be merged (A member in channel A can listen messages in channel B, but not combining them)
    • Servers and channels can be combined
    • Tag users
    • Messages can be replied by clicking on it
    • Messages support colors
    If you encounter any issues, please open an issue ticket at here. Suggestions and reviews are the only read messages in the discussion.
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