Minecord 1.2.0 SNAPSHOT 1.0

The ultimate multichat solution for Minecraft servers.

  1. Minecord Update 1.2.0 SNAPSHOT 1.0

    • Added support for saving data in XML format
    • Enhanced support for multiple command expansions
    • Now configuration and data can auto save with different intervals
    • Improved configuration backup system
    • Added utility class EnhancedSet
    • Added partial support for multiple DataManipulators
    • Added some utility methods
    • Removed rank manager
    • Improved server, channel, and sendable identifier system
    • Fixed some minor bugs
    • Removed all getters due to EnhancedSet starts...
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  2. Minecord Update 1.1.5

    • Now supports multiple command expansions
    • Increased security to command /minecord connect
    • Chat filter now works correctly
    • Implemented the new SQL saving API completely
    • Planning to remove rank manager like channel manager
    • Added utility methods to Sendable and Conversable
    • Fixed a bug in SQLObjectConverter
    • Added utility class ComparativeList
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  3. Minecord Update 1.1.4

    • Added auto saving scheduler
    • Removed deprecated elements
    • Enhanced the SQLObjectConverter
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  4. Minecord Update 1.1.3

    • Recoded Core class
    • New enhanced data and configuration safety system
    • Host, user and password are no longer saved in configuration files due to security reasons.
    • Enhanced the Command Expansion API
    • You can now set host, user and password through console
    • Rearranged classes
    • Enhanced SQLObjectConverter and fixed some bugs
    • Enhanced update available detection system
    • SQLObjectConverter now supports external serializers and deserializers
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  5. Minecord Update 1.1.2

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  6. Minecord Update 1.1.1

    • Rearranged classes
    • Redesigned the static Minecord methods access method
    • Improved the implementation towards the new API
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  7. Minecord Update 1.1.0

    API and Saving Update
    • SQLObjectConverter now supports Java object referencing
    • Minecord can now load and save data after reimplementation
    • Added FinalTypeConverter for final external serialization and deserialization
    • Added utility methods
    • Added and fixed Javadocs
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  8. Minecord Update 1.1.0 SNAPSHOT 5.0

    • Conversable and User class implemented the new API.
    • DataManipulator reimplementing the new API.
    • Added a few exceptions to the SQLObjectConverter API.
    • Added TypeConverter for conversions between types that either one of them does not implement this API.
    • Added many Javadoc comments.
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  9. Minecord Update 1.1.0 SNAPSHOT 4.1

    • Added TypeConvertor for supporting serializations and deserializations between SQL types and java classes that haven't implemented this API
    • Added utility FunctionalInterface Convertor
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  10. Minecord Update 1.1.0 SNAPSHOT 4.0

    • Now finally supports loading and saving any Sendables (including instances of subclasses') correctly.
    • Now plugin only supports Java 8+ due to using Lambda expressions and APIs only available on Java 8+.
    • Updated ComparativeSet filter from Method to Predicate.
    • Added method getIf(Predicate) in ComparativeSet
    • Added a few utility classes for loading and saving data
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