Minecord Beta 11.1

An advanced chat channel management plugin.

  1. Minecord Update Beta 11.1

    • Local project repository restored
    • You can now close a Server Editor
    • Removed deprecated and unused classes
  2. Minecord Update Beta 11.0

    • Fixed server editer menu generator
    • You can now create servers with customized properties
    • Fixed result messages for command channel, channels and servers
    • Fixed channel duplicated entry bug in database
    • Fixed not saving whether the rank is main to database
    • Fixed ghost files (Files used to be deleted still exists)
    • Removed deprecated classes
    • Now database manager has a version shown behind "minecord" in database name
  3. Minecord Update Beta 10.1

    • Fixed the large bug which crashes the server when chatting
    • Fixed data column not existed bug on loading
    • Removed debugging messages
  4. Minecord Update Beta 10.0

    • You can now create servers with command
    • You can now edit servers with inventory
    • Added a few events
  5. Minecord Update Beta 9.0

    • Removed permissions interface
    • Removed permission enumerations
    • Removed Minecord permission package
    • Rank now has Bukkit permissions instead of Minecord permissions
    • Fixed default server generated after user registration bug
    • Temporarily removed user specific permission for plugin stable
    • Now depends on Vault
    • Now updates permissions for a user once the rank has changed
    • Fixed database saving issues
    • Added permission minecord.create-server
  6. Minecord Update Beta 8.0

    • Added command profile (for viewing profile of a user)
    • Fixed user null rank and auto rank assignment
    • Improved API a lot
    • Rearranged statements into different methods
    • Fixed command reload
    • Removed message printing statements (for debugging)
  7. Minecord Update Beta 7.0

    • Removed temporary command users (probably u dont even know that command existed XD)
    • Tracked all command updates
    • Added command server
    • Added command channel
    • Added filtering function in command servers and channels
    • Fixed reload command actions
    • Improved command responses
    Command instructions will be posted on the plugin description page
  8. Minecord Update Beta 6.3

    • Fixed duplicate user registration issue
    • Fixed uuid equality check statement
    • Users now contains UUIDs of players but not player instances
  9. Minecord Update Beta 6.2

    • Fixed auto main channel assignment issue
  10. Minecord Update Beta 6.1

    • Fixed null Rank Manager
    • Fixed No database selected bug