Minecord 1.0.3

An advanced chat channel management plugin.

  1. Minecord Update 1.0.3

    • Adding identities now doesn't throw DuplicatedException, and replaced with returning a boolean value.
    • Planning to remove ChannelManager (Read the ChannelManager javadoc for more info)
  2. Minecord Update 1.0.2

    • Fixed a bug that prints minecord.properties
    • Fixed automatic ServerIdentity generation bug
    • Joining servers now change the view of a user to the main channel in it
  3. Minecord Update 1.0.1

    • Fixed all initial bugs
    • Fixed Jar builder (Not visible from source)
    • Fixed database manager bugs
    • Fixed minecord.properties default config generation bug
    • Fixed update checker bugs
    • Categorized some events into different packages
  4. Minecord Update 1.0.0 (Unstable)

    This version is unstable because a new system has added and many bugs are awaiting to be discovered and fixed.
    • Added Message class for storing messages. (Alternative of UserMessageEvent) They will not be saved to database.
    • Updated Command Handler to adapt to new Multi-Chat system.
    • Database manager updated from 5.1 (minecord5dot1) to 6.0 (minecord6dot0).
    • Added a method to load old version of data to new version of plugin.
    • Fixed some create event bugs
    • Channel Switch...
  5. Minecord Update Beta 12.1

    • Executing command select without argument will now display your current editing target if selected
    • Fixed various bugs
  6. Minecord Update Beta 12.0

    • You can now edit server and channel properties with commands
    • Changed some event names to support the new commands
  7. Minecord Update Beta 11.1

    • Local project repository restored
    • You can now close a Server Editor
    • Removed deprecated and unused classes
  8. Minecord Update Beta 11.0

    • Fixed server editer menu generator
    • You can now create servers with customized properties
    • Fixed result messages for command channel, channels and servers
    • Fixed channel duplicated entry bug in database
    • Fixed not saving whether the rank is main to database
    • Fixed ghost files (Files used to be deleted still exists)
    • Removed deprecated classes
    • Now database manager has a version shown behind "minecord" in database name
  9. Minecord Update Beta 10.1

    • Fixed the large bug which crashes the server when chatting
    • Fixed data column not existed bug on loading
    • Removed debugging messages
  10. Minecord Update Beta 10.0

    • You can now create servers with command
    • You can now edit servers with inventory
    • Added a few events