Minecord Alpha 6.1 (Pre-Beta 2.1)

An advanced chat channel management plugin.

  1. Minecord Update Alpha 6.1 (Pre-Beta 2.1)

    • Fixed plugin dependency. Currently depends on RcLib
  2. Minecord Update Alpha 6.0 (Pre-Beta 2.0)

    • Supports saving records
    • More detailed json message
    • more user friendly user tagging system (currently search if words behind @ contains username, userid, or uuid, previously search if words behind @ but in front of the next space instead)
    • Fixed event inheritances
    • UserTagEvent is no longer a subtype of MinecordEvent
  3. Minecord Update Alpha 5.0 (Pre-beta 1): Load and Save

    • All data are now able to be loaded and saved, except records
    • Requires database
  4. Minecord Update Alpha 4.1

    • Supports reload command
  5. Minecord Update Alpha 4.0

    • Removed duplicated codes
    • Improved API appearance and functionalities
    • Loads message when a player joins
    • Added player tagging by "@"+their names or "@uuid:"+ their uuids.
    • Click the message to reply
    • Once format changed reloads message to players
  6. Minecord Update Alpha 3.0: Recode

    The plugin is recoded with some progressions.
    • Removed Super Channels (You can simulate a super channel by creating a server and only a channel inside)
    • Add several events for developers
    • Core is built (not ready to run, not ready to be injected)
    • Removed temporary rank system
    • added user system
    • Added server manager
    • Added message manager
    • Messages are fully handled by the core by completely a different type of system from bukkit (simulates bukkit api)
  7. Minecord Update Alpha 2.0: Super Channel

    • Super channels are at the same level of server. Players can join and chat. It does not have any channels inside. It is mainly used for server official and important channels like announcement, first join chat, rules, etc.
    • Fixed a lot of glitches
    • UI in progress
    Once the UI is built the plugin will be in Beta version.