Minecord 1.8.0

Connect chat between Minecraft and Discord!

  1. Version 1.8.0

    Updated to Minecraft 1.18.2
    Minor code improvements
  2. Version 1.7.0

    Moved all of io.github.starsdown64.minecord.api to Minecord-API
    This is not a functionality change, this is a developer only change. It is recommended to update both Minecord plugin and the Minecord-API dependency in any other plugins, however using an old Minecord plugin or an old Minecord API dependency is possible.
  3. Version 1.6.0

    Updated JDA to LTS v4.4.0
    Switched JSON handling from JSON.simple to Gson
    Other minor changes
  4. Version 1.5.0

    Updated JDA to v4.3.0
    Updated Minecord to 1.17+
    Small internal changes
  5. Version 1.4.2

    Add timer to prevent message spam for disconnects (10 minute minimum)
  6. Version 1.4.1

    Add checks to prevent crash while disconnected from Discord
    Add config option to save an amount of messages while disconnected
    Properly softdepend SuperVanish and PremiumVanish
  7. Version 1.4.0

    Added API for other plugins to send messages to Discord
    Added toggle for other plugins sending messages to Discord
  8. Version 1.3.0

    Added toggles to remove 3 things:
    Death messages
    Join/Leave messages
    Advancement messages
  9. Version 1.2.0

    Updated to 1.16.4
  10. Version 1.1.0

    Added link to spigot website in plugin.yml
    Added support for different Discord prefix (default is %)