MineCordBot 2.2.2

A powerful way to Bridge Minecraft and Discord

  1. Hotfix attempt

    What's new?

    Updated Discord lib in an attempt to fix an HTTP error.
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  2. Bug fixes and Improvements

    What's new?
    New features
    • VentureChat support.
    • New diagnostic discord command.
    • Server start and shutdown broadcast. Configure in BroadcastConfig.
    • Ability to personalize the language used by the bot.
      • To use, modify the custom.yml file. You will need to set your localization in BotConfig to 'custom'.
    • Added Diagnostic module in plugin framework.
    • Code...
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  3. Informational, Security, and Consistency Update

    Minecordbot v2.2.0
    Made with ❤️ by CyR1en and the various Minecordbot contributors

    Changes in relation to v2.1.4

    This list was compiled based on the beta changelogs. Some improvements, additions, or fixes may be missing from this list.
    As always, please report bugs to our GitHub issue tracker and feel free to join us on our Discord for development insight, help, or general fun.

    Key: D - Discord, MC - Minecraft, Sync - MCBSync, Opt - General Optimization...
  4. Minor Changes and Assertion

    What's new?
    • Made eval embed response even better.
    • Asserted ListCommand so it won't give out NullPointerExceptions.
  5. fix mcMMO listener

    What's new?
    silly me

    Fix and added security
    • Fixed mcMMO listener and added the check that i forgot to add.
  6. Minor fix

    What's new
    • Removed "join" and "quit" outputs.
    • Removed saved channels output.
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  7. New Config and Lots of Fixes

    What's new?
    man that was tiring

    Key changes
    • New and fresh configuration system.
    • Segmented configuration for organization.
    • Informative comments for each configuration node.
    • A lot more configuration nodes for more customization.
    Chat and Broadcast
    • Mod channel is now very configurable.
    • Safer broadcasting by checking if the broadcast is private....
  8. Major changes and Discord-Minecraft Account sync

    At last, an update.

    What's new?
    • Account Sync is now available!
    • Sophisticated authentication algorithms, data struct, etc.
    • Interactive sync process.
    • Be able to dispatch Minecraft commands as your actual in game user*
    *Your player needs to be online

    Better Hooks & Integrations
    • New hook algorithm.
    • mcMMO integration.
    • Essential HelpOp is now linked...
  9. Fix localization file

    Same old 2.0.6 but fixed pl.yml
  10. This isn't even my final form! Oh wait, yes it is...

    This isn't even my final form! Oh wait, yes it is...

    2.0.6 (6-23-2017)
    2.0.6 is OUT, people! Get it while it's hot!

    Changes Since 2.0.5
    • Removed Imagesearch
      • Removed because of redundancy.
    • Can Change the Command Trigger for Discord, From Discord
      • You no longer have to go through the configuration file!
      • Run ,st or ,settrigger to change the command trigger
    • Reimplemented the Shutdown Command...