Minecraft additions.2 2020-07-05

Lots of additions for Minecraft

  1. GothamsJoker
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    What is in this project?
    Various plugins that I have worked on to practice my programming skills.

    List of commands:

    /hello: Sends the user and server a customized message.

    /kits: Opens a GUI with four different kits with various items.

    /mystat: Tab completer showing various player stats.

    /skull: Gives the player a skull of a selected player.

    /gamble: Opens a GUI window that acts as a slot machine. The player MUST be holding a DIAMOND.

    /changeteam: Allows a player to change team color. Must be wearing leather armor. Players can get leather armor from the provided "noob kit".

    /trident: Gives the player an enchanted weapon that shoots fireballs and spawns six creepers. The creepers ability has a cooldown effect. The cooldown is a random second count between 1-6 seconds.

    /godboots: Gives the player boots to disable fall damage.

    /fly: Allows the player to fly.

    /launch: Will launch the player. Velocity can be changed such as /launch 20 aka /launch x.

    /doctor: Displays a clickable message. When clicked the player will be fully healed.
    Other features:

    Score board: Score board that tracks various player stats that will update in game.

    Block Break: Event that will randomize loot drops for breaking blocks. Block types and loot drops are changeable with the provided config file.

    Custom Recipe: Adds a custom recipe to create a nether_star.
    Creating these plugins have been extremely useful to me and have helped me progress as a developer. Hopefully someone can use this as a visual guide to give them the same benefit. Feel free to message me with questions or concerns.

    To use simply install the jar file into your plugin folder.

    Thank you!