Minecraft But Every Block You Break Can Give You Random Potion Effect 2020-08-01

How hard will it be to beat the game if every block you break can give you a random potion effect?

  1. NamelessX
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    R Potion Banner.png

    "R Potion", short form for "Random Potion", is a Minecraft Spigot Plugin that is made for fun by NamelessX. This plugin can give you random potion effects once you break any block. But that does not work like that every time. There's 30% chance to get the random potion effect while breaking any kind of block regardless of grass or torch.
    If you are lucky, this plugin can be extremely helpful as it can give you potion effects like Fire Res, Strength etc for random period of time. If it's not your day, the effect can be Poison or even Instant Death! So be careful while bridging through lava in Nether or while breaking blocks/crystals in end.

    *Commands you need to know*
    Configuring and running plugin is extremely easy. You just have to remember these two commands:

    /rpotion enable (Enables the plugin)
    /rpotion disable (Disables the plugin)

    Can you beat the game while the potion effect you get are completely RNG?
    - Enjoy