Minecraft, but gravity FLIPS every minute plugin 1.5

A remake of the Minecraft but gravity flips every minute plugin by Dream.

  1. AtinChing
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    To make sure this plugin works, PLEASE remember to go to your server.properties file and make sure
    Code (Text):
    is set to
    Code (Text):
    This is because the game will kick the player if they are floating in the air when the gravity has been flipped upwards and the allow-flight value is set to false in the server.properties file. (Or if you're using a server hoster like Aternos, then set "Fly" to true).



    You can also use /enablegravityflip. Self-explanatory, it enables a timer where every minute, the gravity gets flipped the other way around.
    Players can also set the time between each swap to whatever they want.
    Example: /enablegf 5
    And then the gravity flip would happen every 5 minutes.
    You can also use /disablegravityflip. Pretty self-explanatory as well, disable the challenge. Gravity won't flip every one minute now.
    This command simply shows you how much time is left until the next gravity flip.
    Everyone (including people without op) is allowed to use this command.
    How to use it: /changeairtime <seconds>
    What it does: changes the amount of time you spend in the air when gravity is flipped upwards (while not changing the amount of time spent on the ground/the main time).
    Please do remember that when you use this command, you pass in the amount of seconds as an argument, NOT minutes.
    How it works:

    - When you do /enablegf, a timer starts at 1 minute, and whenever the timer reaches 0, the gravity of your entire Minecraft world gets flipped (everything starts floating upwards). The timer will then reset to 1 minute, and when it hits 0 again, then gravity gets flipped again and everything comes back down. This repeats until you disable this with /disablegf command.
    - When you use /disablegf, this whole gravity flips every minute thing gets stopped, and if everything is still floating in the air, it will come back down.
    Contact me on Discord @dependable, have a nice day#0504 if there are any problems or issues.

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