Minecraft But There Are Custom Sticks (1.16) 1.0

Now there are 9 brand new craftable sticks all with their own features! (Description for recipes)

  1. Tyy793
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    There are 9 new custom sticks which include: (To actually craft it use a crafting table and put the two items in the lower and middle section in the 2nd row)
    Iron Stick- 2 iron ingots
    Gold Stick- 2 gold ingots
    Diamond Stick- 2 diamonds
    Ender Stick- 2 ender pearls
    Stronghold Stick- 2 eyes of ender (might not work as intended let me know)
    Explosive Stick- 2 gunpowder
    Fire Stick- 2 blaze rods
    Bacon Stick- 2 porkchops
    Healing Stick- 2 golden apples
    If you want to find more plugins like this or make a private request join my discord here! https://discord.gg/G9ykCeZ2dK

Recent Reviews

  1. isaiahgerald
    Version: 1.0
    Doesn't Work on my server, Java.NullPointerException or something, very bad, Also need pictures
    1. Tyy793
      Author's Response
      The only error you get doesn’t cause anything. We already discussed this on discord and I don’t understand why you can’t take the time to fix your review like you said.