Minecraft Connects to Discord | Chat, Sync, Commands & Invite 0.85

Discord Integration for Minecraft

  1. DoctorOne
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Minecraft and Discord chats are together! This piece of plugin integrates your server's in-game chat to your defined discord text channel. Simple.

    Config file allows you to change,
    • Player Join Message
    • Player Disconnect Message
    • Server Start Message
    • Server Stop Message
    • Discord Server Invite Link
    • Discord Channel which Messages will be posted
    • Authorized Discord Role
    • Discord Sync Role which will be automatically assigned to players who synced
    Commands are (only for OPs):
    • /discord fast : Fast Reload without changing the Bot Token
    • /discord full : Full Reload, restarts bot
    If default player tries "/discord", he will receive the discord invitation link which is configurable at config file!
    Config file located at "/discord/config.ini", it generates itself at first run.

    This plugin also allows you to execute commands via Discord chat.
    Only Authorized People can execute commands. To be able execute command you have to create a Discord Role, and copy its ID then paste it to relative place in the config file. And assign the role to yourself.

    How can I execute commands?

    Go to the Discord Text Channel which is watching by your bot. Type "!exec ". For vanilla commands, commands will execute but you can't see the output. You have to check console to see if it succeed or not.

    In Ex. of usage

    • !exec kill MahmudKocas ---> You can't see if this succeed or not.
    • !exec help --> Output will be shown.
    • !exec help 2
    • !exec discord ---> Output will be shown.
    • !exec discord full
    Syncing Minecraft Account with Discord Account!
    Usage is as follows:
    User gets the sync code with
    /discord sync
    User verifies his sync code at discord with
    !verify sync-code
    OPs can remove sync with the following command
    /discord sync remove

    If user gets banned from Discord than he will also gets banned from Minecraft. And if user is online at the server and he gets banned from server while online, he will also gets banned from Discord. There is a configuration option at config file which allows you to toggle this.

    From discord if authorized people type "!exec discord sync" bot will send a private message which contains list of the synchronized players.

    To be able to use this in your Spigot Server,
    Get your Discord Bot's TOKEN and invite the bot to your Discord Server. Put the TOKEN in to the config file.
    Open Discord's Developer Mode. Right click the text channel which you want to integrate with Minecraft Chat. Minecraft Chat will be mirrored to that text channel. And click "Copy ID", also put it in to config file.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Simon4444
    Version: 0.85
    Amazing resource, works as exected. Have you tought about adding mysql support for synced users?
    1. DoctorOne
      Author's Response
      Thx for the review, sorry for late response tho. All the updates after first release were all "On Request" updates. No one wanted MySQL support so never thought of it. And nowadays i don't have much time. But I'll look in to it whenever i can. Thanks!
  2. Renesys
    Version: 0.5.1
    1. DoctorOne
      Author's Response
      Thx for the review! If you need any future needs & updates, hook me up! And I will see what I can do