Minecraft Death Swap for THREE PLAYERS 1.4

A remake of the popular Death Swap game where three different players can play at once!

  1. AtinChing
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    You've probably seen a video where two people played Death Swap and had a lot of fun. I've always thought that "the more the merrier" is a term that can be applied to many things, this being one of them. I've made a Death Swap plugin that can be played with three different players.
    - /enabledsthree [playername1] [playername2] [playername3]

    Self-explanatory, it activates the Death Swap for the three players passed in. Only takes 3 players, no more or less.
    You can also optionally have a random timer from 1 to 10 minutes on every single swap. To do this you have to do:
    - /enabledsthree [playername1] [playername2] [playername3] random
    If you don't put the random at the end then the game will presume that you want the default 5-minute timer between each swap. Putting the "random" before or in between the players' names when you're executing this command will cause the death swap to not work properly.
    - /disabledsthree
    Also self-explanatory, this disables the death swap, this one doesn't take any arguments.
    - /showtime
    This command doesn't take any arguments either. When you use this command, it tells you how much time (seconds) is left until the next swap.
    You can also opt to disable this command if you would prefer to not be able to use the command to see how much time is left until the next swap. If you want the /showtime command to be enabled then make sure to remember to turn on the death swap like this: /enabledsthree * insert 3 player names* show
    If you want it to be disabled then don't put the "show" at the end as it will make the game disable the /showtime command.
    Note: If you want the /showtime command to be enabled AND the timer to be randomized then do:
    /enabledsthree * insert 3 player names* show random
    /enabledsthree * insert 3 player names * random show
    Additional things:
    - When you run the Death Swap enable command, a 5-minute timer starts.
    - When it's below 10 seconds, it lets you know through the game chat. When the time hits 0, everyone's position gets swapped.
    Contact me on Discord @dependable, have a nice day#0504 if there are any problems or issues.