Minecraft Dreamons (Dream SMP) 1.0

A Dreamon is a fiction creation during an arc in the DREAM SMP by Fundy and Tubbo.

  1. Vortexprimes
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    "I Think (Dream) he's one of those Rare species called a 'Transmuted dreamon.' Which means that, he quickly swaps between the two. I Think when we did the ritual, we got rid of the dream part. And kept the... Dreamon part."
    - Tubbo

    Dreamon's are mysterious creatures.
    I originally created this plugin for fun and made it into a YouTube video but because of the initialed suspense.

    **Photo Above is the 3D model created for this plugin.**

    This Plugin may have bugs as its initial intent was for fun and adding a new boss to Minecraft.

    If there are any bugs with the Plugin feel free to leave a informational response and ill reply ASAP:)).


    - Allows Players to Become DREAMON HUNTERS

    + 5% Chance on when trading with a villager a DREAMON will spawn

    + Custom Sounds and Dreamon Dream Model
    - TO ADD: Spooky Night times (12AM)

    - TO ADD: Allow Player to become Dreamon

    + New Custom Items (Dreams Soul, Dreamon Hunter Blade, etc)

    How to Become a Dreamon Hunter?

    - Collect 4 Ghast Tears and 1 Diamond... After SHIFT-RIGHT_CLICK an Enchantment table (Soon to add Custom Block named Dreamon Alter) And accept the Oath. In return you will recieve an item that can kill Dreamons to gain the Dream Soul.

    How do I get Dreams Soul?

    - Killing Dreamons with the Dreamon Hunter Sword have a 50% chance to drop Dreams Soul

    How do I SPAWN DREAM?

    - To Summon dream Right-Click a Dreamon with DREAMS SOUL. There an explosive will occur and Dream will spawn playing the ICONIC Speedrunner Music:


    -Please Contact me if there are any Bugs. Thanks!-

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Recent Reviews

  1. Bobdibildur123
    Version: 1.0
    Its great but I was just wondering whether this is a project u are still working on? I think its an awesome idea!
  2. AgroLive
    Version: 1.0
    This was extremely fun to use for a youtube video! Can't wait to see more things!
    1. Vortexprimes
      Author's Response
      Thank you!! :D