Minecraft Exchange 0.4.1

Stock exchange with items!

  1. creatorfromhell

    This plugin enables players to sell items to one another as if they were using a stock market.

    mcex.admin: Administrator commands
    mcex.cmd: User commands
    mcex.cmd.*: User commands

    1) This plugin depends on Vault, and you should have an economy plugin like Essentials
    2) Run the server with the plugin once, and then shut it down. You need to configure config.yml in the plugins/mcex folder.
    3) Follow the directions in config.yml. It should be self-explanatory; you do need a MySQL server.
    4) Start the server and login on an account with mcex.admin permissions.
    5) This plugin only works with items that you add. You need to register the items beforehand using /mcex additem.
    6) The easiest way to add an item is to hold the item in your hand and do "/mcex additem hand <name>"
    7) You should see the item listed in /mcex search all.
    8) Have fun!

    show all commands and related help.
    /mcex recent <buy|sell> [page #]: view recent open offers
    /mcex buy <item name> <quantity> <price>: list a buy offer for $price each. If price starts with a /, it lists it for $price total.
    /mcex buy <item name> <quantity> <price>: list a sell offer for $price each. If price starts with a /, it lists it for $price total.
    /mcex account <buy|sell>: view your current open offers
    /mcex chart <item name>: view web chart for item name
    /mcex search <all|query>: search for all items starting with query. If "all" is specified, it lists all registered items. Move your mouse over the items: MCEX name is the item name you have to use with the plugin.
    /mcex list <buy|sell> <item name> [page #]: View all orders for item name.
    /mcex mailbox: View your purchased items.

    Many features are currently planned, but backwards-compatibility will be maintained.

    Go to http://github.com/daemon/mcex-plugin for source code.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lukajjz
    Version: 0.3.1
    Brilliant idea, it's just like steam market and having something like this in minecraft is awesome. 100% gonna use on my server.
  2. corporabruno
    Version: 0.1.0
    Fantastic contribution. Well delivered on screen and a great tutorial video. Hopefully receives ideas well and continues to develop more details in. :)