Minecraft Man Hunt ManHunt Version 1.1

A simple plugin I made so that you can play Minecraft manhunt on your own server.

  1. CrispyEternal
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Simple Plugin to play Minecraft Manhunt with your friends.

    To install: Just download the plugin and move it into the plugins folder (in whichever server you are using).


    Use to become the speedrunner.

    Use to become the hunter. You will receive a compass that will retract the speedrunner every time you right-click with it in your hand.

    Displays the name of the speedrunner

    Currently, the speedrunner team can only have 1 person. The hunter team can have an unlimited amount of people.

    The Game:

    The speedrunner races to kill the Ender Dragon and beat the game before the hunters can catch up to the speedrunner and kill them.

    Disclaimer: Although I programmed this plugin myself, it is heavily based off of Dream's ManHunt Plugin.

    Email me with any questions and suggestions at [email protected] or comment.

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