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Minecraft Postal Service (MPS) 2.0

Send items to other players easily!

  1. White_Knight28
    Minecraft Postal Service (MPS)

    Minecraft Postal Service is a plugin I made to make sending items to players easier, not requiring the players to be anywhere near each other, while still being in the same world.

    • Easy to use command with arguments
    • Ability to implement custom command arguments
    • Sign integration for checking mailboxes
    • Config for blacklisting items
    • MailSendEvent for developer use
    Code (Text):
    /mps - Main command, no cool use
    /mps check - Command to check your mailbox
    /mps help <command/sign> - Help command, shows use and description for commands, also shows how to use signs with mailboxes
    /mps send <player> - Sends the selected player the item in your hand
    Code (Text):
    mps.command.check - Permission to check command (Default true)
    mps.command.help - Permission to help command (Default true)
    mps.command.send - Permission to send command (Default true)
    mps.sign.create - Permission to create sign mailboxes (Default true)
    mps.sign.use - Permission to use sign mailboxes (Default true)
    In the config.yml file, there is a section called "blacklisted-items". Any item listed there will not be able to be mailed to players. A list of items can be found here, avoid the 1.9 items that are listed. There is no override for this in anyway. Be careful of what you put there.

    The other section is called mailboxes. This section stores all player mailboxes and should under no circumstance be modified.


    Spigot 1.8.8+

    To implement custom command arguments, extend the CommandStructure class and in onEnable call your command constructor. Example:
    Code (Java):
    public class ExampleCommand extends CommandStructure {
    Calling constructor
    Code (Java):
    public void onEnable() {
        new ExampleCommand();
    There is also the MailSendEvent that is called when a player uses the /mps send command. It's use is pretty straight forward, cancelling the event will cause the mail not to send.

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