Minecraft RCON Mac 1.0

Mc RCON for mac

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    How to Install:

    1) Download File "Minecraft RCON Mac"

    2) Extract/Unarchive the "zip" file

    3) Open the "Minecraft RCON Mac" app

    How to use:

    1) Enter address : port (ex. 123.456.7.890:1234)

    2) Enter RCON password for the server (not on PC server config by default)

    3) Enter command to execute


    1) Mac ONLY
    Links from here

    2) No, I didn't use the program from that site I took the Windows version from a guy named Creator_James (Minecraft IGN) aka TheCreatorJames (Youtube) and converted it to Mac (I will not say what program/site I used)
    His program is here

    3) It will take a few seconds to load

Recent Reviews

  1. edo_dark
    Version: 1.0
    good application because for Mac I never see Rcon thank you so much for this software