Minecraft Server Overview Page + Staff Page ★ Fully Responsive ★ HTML & CSS 1.6

A stunning overview page for your minecraft server. And best of all? Completly free.

  1. Bug fixes + general improvements


    New Features:

    - The font the site uses has changed.
    - A lot of the sample text has been replaced with actual text (to make your life easier).
    - Fixed an issue causing the playercount not to work.
    - Edited some styling on the staff page to make it look a little cleaner.

    Thanks for using my resource <3
    Please leave a review if you enjoy, it really helps :)
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  2. Mobile + Tablet Optimisation

    Hi everyone!

    On mobile or shorter screens often the playercounter could be cut off, so I have made a few optimisations to make sure it runs smoothly on all devices.

    If a lot of mobile users use your website, I suggest you replace the css folder, as that is the only thing that has updated! (Make sure to customise it to your server before you reupload)

    Like this resource?
    Well I think you may love my new one; Dusk. It's one of my biggest projects...
  3. Bug Fix!

    Hi everyone!

    Fixed a crucial error with the player counter, spotted thanks to 'infered5' on MinecraftMarket.

    If you have already setup your home page, you can just copy and paste the text below into the '<head>' section!

    Code (Text):
    <script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/leonardosnt/mc-player-counter/1.1.0/dist/mc-player-counter.min.js"></script>

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  4. Mobile + Tablet Optimisation

    Hi everyone!

    Just a couple of mobile/tablet optimisations.


    (Image won't show on Spigot, not sure why - Click the link to view!) https://bybilly.uk/images/after.PNG

  5. Bug Fixes

    Hey everyone! Just fixed a couple of things up!

    - Tidied some code here and there.
    - Fixed a crucial bug in Internet Explorer.

  6. Improved Staff Page + ByBilly.uk

    Hey everyone!

    In this update:
    - The staff page has been refreshed and fits into the overall style of the website.
    - Different colours for each skill have been introduced on the staff page.
    - My website https://bybilly.uk has started development! PM me if you are interested in a website.