Minecraft TWO SPEEDRUNNERS Manhunt v1.4

This is a Minecraft Manhunt plugin for 2 Speedrunners instead of 1 (inspired by Dream).

  1. AtinChing
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    I originally uploaded a Minecraft Manhunt plugin on here for 3 speedrunners (at https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/minecraft-three-speedrunners-manhunt-plugin.82863/). I was originally inspired by Dream, and I made my own Minecraft Manhunt plugin as well (which is at https://github.com/AtinChing/Minecraft-Manhunt-Plugin), but there were so many on here already, so I decided to make one for three speedrunners instead of the normal 1 speedrunner one. After talking to a few people, I realised that, to most people, three speedrunners were too much or they didn't have enough people, so here I am releasing one for two speedrunners.
    /targets [player1name] [player2name]
    This one is for activating the manhunt and passing the two players who will be the speedrunners. You can also use /focusons.
    This one does not take any arguments, it simply stops the manhunt.
    The thing this command does is to provide an explanation about how the plugin works and what the commands are and how to make them work. The reason I've added this is so that you don't have to look back on this page on the official SpigotMC website to check the instructions or explanation every time you have a problem.
    How it works:
    - When the /targets command is run, all the hunters are given a compass (if they don't have one already) and all the speedrunners get their compass removed (if they even have any).
    - When a hunter right-clicks a compass, it will point to a speedrunner, and the game will tell the hunter which speedrunner the compass is pointing to through the chat. If the hunter right-clicks the compass again, the compass will point to the second speedrunner. If you right-click the compass again, the compass points to the first speedrunner. The order the speedrunners are in is defined by the order they are passed in with the /targets command.
    - When the /stoptargets command is passed in, the Manhunt is stopped (which gets announced in chat), and the compasses will no longer point to the speedrunners when you right-click them.
    Additional Features:
    - The speedrunners cannot pick up a compass from the ground, craft a compass or take a compass from a chest.
    - The hunters can only have ONE compass at any point, they cannot pick up a compass from the ground if they already have one in their inventory.
    All hunters will also respawn with a compass in their inventory if they die. Additionally, hunters cannot drop compasses from their inventory.
    (This section is exactly the same as the plugin for 3 speedrunners Manhunt.)
    Contact me on Discord @dependable, have a nice day#0504 if there are any problems or issues.