Minecraft: Voodoo 1.0

Voodoo is a plugin to add a 1v1 gamemode to your game. No mods / Resourcepacks required!

  1. Mosp
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    The source code for the not-so-well-known Minecraft Voodoo Plugin!
    Minecraft Voodoo is a new 1 vs 1 type game mode for Minecraft 1.16!
    Play as a Hex against a friend and beat them in a challenge of wits and witchcraft!
    Gameplay Instructions
    The goal of this game is to kill your opponent using your witchcraft, the environment or sheer luck.
    No matter the cause, last man standing wins!
    - PvP between Hexes is disabled. This means they cannot deal direct damage to eachother using bows, swords etc.
    - Using the environment to slay your opponent is a valid strategy and is highly recommended.
    - A safe zone should be created on the map that consists of a 10x10 area of bedrock on the world spawn. This is to prevent spawn-traps.
    The plugin allows the crafting of multiple Witchcraft scrolls. These scrolls will be useable once a match between two hexes start.
    Scrolls can be saved up and chained together to make more powerful Witchcraft interactions!
    Start the game
    To start the game, you must first register the Hexes using /Voodoo add <playername>
    Then once 2 Hexes are added you can use the /Voodoo start command to start the match.

    Check the github link readme for more information on the available Witchcraft scrolls!

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Recent Reviews

  1. M0spert
    Version: 1.0
    Wow, great game had a lot of fun really original!

    Its hard to start up but once you got the recipe's down its quite fun!