Minecraft Website Template / Portal ★ Responsive ★ Easy 1.5

A beautiful free resource for your minecraft server website

  1. Better Styling + I returned from the dead!


    New Features:

    - The order of the design has been changed.
    - The playercount has been redesigned to stand out and is now a more modern, flat, colourful design.
    - The gradient has been slightly tweaked to be less red.
    - A couple of minor bugs that could affect your peace of mind when customizing the template have been fixed.

    I'm back from the dead! My laptop hard drive recently corrupted, taking all my data with it. This...
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  2. Better Particles + Small fixes

    Hi everyone!

    Tidied some code here and there, but the crucial update is with the particles, which now work much better! (Preview)

    To update your current portal, you need to drag 'fireflies.js' from the 'js' folder into the 'js' folder on your website. If it asks you to overwrite, make sure you allow it!


  3. Logo moving + red hint


    New Features:

    - The red hint in the background has been slightly updated
    - Version number on download + simplicity fixed
    - Added 'How to install' to thread
    - Logo now moves left and right gradually. Check this out at https://bybilly.uk/portal!
  4. Red Hue + ByBilly

    Hey Everyone!

    Just a small update, featuring:
    - All new red hue in the background. Want a green hue or blue hue? PM me on Spigot for more help.
    - I have launched https://bybilly.uk, my web development service/project! Be sure to send me a PM if you are interested in a website.

    (Edit: The jar will be named 1.1, but it is still the latest version! 1.2)

  5. Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile Optimisation & more!


    New Features:

    - Search Engine Optimisation has been integrated, which means you stand a good chance of your server coming up top on google with this portal! (It will take a while for google to recognise it)
    - I have rewritten some code to use a mobile first approach and, subsequently, make the portal faster on mobile!
    - Alt tags were added to images, to help with SEO and with anyone whose images do not load/have a disability.
    - The mobile...