MinecraftDiscordSyncPlugin 1.0.1

Synchronize Minecraft and Discord Ranks and Ingame <-> Discord Chat

  1. VironLab
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    VironLab, depascaldc

    THIS IS A BETA VERSION ( Maybe some features are buggy ) IF YOU FIND ANY BUG PLEASE JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AND REPORT THEM THERE ( DiscordInvite ) or use the github bug tracker ( Issues On Github )

    For any requests, questions, support or ideas how to improve this bot visit our DiscordServer too.

    The Minecraft Discord Sync Plugin allows you to Sync your Minecraft and discord Server.
    Synchronize Minecraft and Discord Ranks and Ingame <-> Discord Chat

    Please read the generated config.yml exactly when you setup the new bot. :p

    How to create a Bot?
    Code (YAML):
    ##### How to create a discord bot? #####
    # 1. Visit https://discord.com/developers
    # 2. Go to applications and create a new application
    # 3. Go to the application overview and navigate to the tab Bot
    # 4. press Create Bot and follow all positive steps
    # 5. when the bot is created enable all "privoleged gateway Intents"
    ##### How to create a discord bot ? #####

    • IngameCommands:
      • verify ( PERM: mcdcs.command.verify ) - Sends you an code to verify at the discord server
      • discord ( PERM: mcdcs.command.discord ) - send the discord invitelink
      • discordinfo/dcinfo ( PERM: mcdcs.command.discordinfo ) - shows some informations about the connected discordserver
    • DiscordCommands:
      • verify (verificationcode) - Verifies the user by the ingame given verification code ( IngameCommand verify )
      • about - prints plugin and author infos
      • online - shows the online players at the server
      • playerlist - shows the online player list
      • serverinfo - shows some general minecraft server infos of the connected minecraft server

    Extra Features:
    • Custom Activity ( GameStatus / OnlineStatus )
    • Custom OnlineCounter Channel - displays every minute the live online count of the minecraftserver
    Maven Repository for the API:
    Code (XML):



    Code (Groovy):

    repositories {
        maven {
            url "https://repo.vironlab.eu/repository/snapshot"

    dependencies {
        compileOnly 'eu.vironlab.minecraft.mds:MinecraftDiscordSync-API:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT'


    Additional Links
    Discord Chat

Recent Updates

  1. Reduce File size using dependency injection