MinecraftPing 1.2

Be able to ping players with @ in Minecraft with this simple and configurable Skript!

  1. Gpopcorn
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    This is a simple skript to be able to ping players in Minecraft! Whenever you put an @ in front of somebody's username, it will notify the player with a sound effect as well as a message in the action bar! Another feature is that you can @everyone and everyone on the server will be notified! The skript has some configuration options so you can pick which options would suit you the best.

    Be able to ping everyone on the server: ping.everyone
    Be able to ping everyone in your world: ping.world
    Be able to bypass the cooldown: ping.cooldownbypass

    Ping Players
    To ping a specific player: @Username
    To ping everyone on the server: @everyone
    To ping everyone in your world: @World

    Configuration Options
    Ping Cooldown (seconds)
    Ping Color
    Ping Sound

    Required Plugins

Recent Updates

  1. Configuration Update
  2. World Update