Minefield 1.1 RELEASE

Watch out!! BOOM! Can you make it to the end? Super fun new minigame for FREE!

  1. TheFancyWhale
    Minefield is a minigame plugin where players spawn on a flat map, and must make the long trek over the field of mines. The mines cause a variety of effects. If you like this game, consider checking out Slime Brawl as it is made on the same game engine.


    • My test server:
    • PM me to get yours added!

    • Multiple arenas per server
    • Join signs which auto update
    • Leave, and Stats signs
    • Stats (wins, losses, kills, deaths, and games played)
    • Simple setup
    • Spectating
    • Lots of different possible mines
    • Scoreboard with no flicker
    • Customizable Messages
    • Customizable Settings

    1. Download the SlimeBrawl jar file
    2. Insert into the /plugins folder
    3. Restart/Reload server (Preferably restart)
    4. Create a new arena with /mf create <ArenaName>
    5. Set the leave location with /mf setleave
    6. Set the lobby location of the arena /mf setlobby <ArenaName>
    7. Set the spawn(s) with /mf addspawn <ArenaName>
    8. Set the winning button by running /mf setbutton <ArenaName> while looking at a button
    9. Stand on 1 corner of the map (Must be a rectangle) and run /mf setcorner 1 <ArenaName> and then go to the opposite corner and run /mf setcorner 2 <ArenaName>
    10. Add signs as you please with /sb sign <Leave/Stats> and /sb addsign <ArenaName> for the join sign
    11. Configure the messages and settings to your liking
    12. Have fun!


    • mf.admin (Access to the admin perms)
    • mf.joinfull (Access to join full arenas)
    • mf.join (Access to join arenas defaults to everyone)
    /minefield and /mf both work

      • /mf create <ArenaName> (Creates an arena with the inserted name)
      • /mf setleave (Sets the leave location for all arenas)
      • /mf reload (Reloads the SlimeBrawl configs)
      • /mf help <1/2> (Brings up the admin help menu)
      • /mf addspawn <ArenaName> (Adds a spawn to the specified arena)
      • /mf removespawn <Number> <ArenaName> (Removes the specified spawn from the specified arena)
      • /mf start <ArenaName> (Force start the specified arena. Use with caution)
      • /mf addsign <ArenaName> (Adds a join sign for the specified arena)
      • /mf sign leave (Adds a sign which you can click to leave the arena)
      • /mf sign stats (Adds a sign which you can click to get stats)
      • /mf join <ArenaName> (Join the specified arena)
      • /mf leave (Leave the current arena)
      • /mf setcorner <1/2> <ArenaName> (Sets the corner of the arena)
      • /mf setbutton <ArenaName> (Sets the game winning button for the arena)

    • More Mines (Please suggest them)
    • Bungee cord mode (Added as of version 1.1 RELEASE)
    • Please suggest more!

    • Anvils not killing players
    • Please report more as you find them
    Please note that I maintain many other premium resources on spigot, and they get first priority when it comes to updating, feature additions, etc. This plugin is mainly here to give back to the community, as well as show off the game engine my future minigames will be built with. Enjoy!

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  1. Bug Fix / Troll Pole

Recent Reviews

  1. Itx_Infernox
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Perfect Plugin!
  2. ManuelMdza
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    when a user presses the button wins but not out of the arena Helpp meeeeeeeee plissssssss......................
  3. ByCooky58
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Plugin isn't working on 1.7 spigot. Please help. Error: Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.entity.Player.getTargetBlock(Ljava/util/Set;I)Lorg/bukkit/block/Block;
    at tfw.MF.General.CommandsManager.onCommand(CommandsManager.java:107) ~[?:?]
  4. Cowboysjoe
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Great game super excited!
    I got this game and the slime brawl but there's a problem in both.
    For the minefield one it says an internal error occured when I try the /mf setbutton command and it says it in the slime brawl one and the minefield one when using the sign commands.
  5. NotableOsprey92
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Another amazing plugin by you keep the good work up
  6. EGX
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Wow nice system can u add a option for dedicated servers ?
    1. TheFancyWhale
      Author's Response
      Currently very busy with some of my other premium plugins as well as some private plugins, but that is on my To-Do list
  7. NhutThinhVN
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    1. TheFancyWhale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Enjoy :D
  8. TheMooshroom99
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    hi ive been looking for this for ages. does it work on 1.7? if not can you PLEASE make another version for 1.7? im begging you ;-; ive been wanting this on my server for months, im not even kidding xD
    1. TheFancyWhale
      Author's Response
      That would require some modifications as it utilizes 1.8 features. Please add me on skype: TheFancyWhale
  9. LtJim007
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    A brilliant plugin, easy to setup, no issues or errors and most importantly really fun to play!
    I enjoyed making a tutorial of this plugin
    1. TheFancyWhale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! PM me when the tutorial goes up, and I'll check it out.
  10. Elijah
    Version: 1.0 RELEASE
    Works really well, glad to see you posted a minigame like this for free! <3
    1. TheFancyWhale
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it! Have fun!