MineForMoney 1.3

Earn money for mining certain blocks!

  1. Ethernet22

    Get paid for mining certain blocks. Earn $10 in-game currency for mining a diamond ore, or earn $50 for mining an emerald ore! All the prices and blocks which you earn money for can be configured in the configuration file.

    This plugin requires vault, to put money into the players' bank account.

    • /mfm - For information about the plugin and the main command.
    • /mfm reload - Reload the configuration file.
    • mineformoney.mineformoney - Allows you to earn money from mining.
    • mineformoney.reload - Allows you to reload the config.

    Configuring the plugin is very simple. For the blocks that you want players to earn money from, you will need that block's item ID.

    Here is an example configuration file:​
    Code (Text):

    # Mine For Money Configuration #
    # Plugin by omon23             #

    blockcreative: true
    # This blocks players who are in creative getting money for mining blocks.

    banSilkTouch: true
    # If a player uses a SilkTouch pickaxe then they will not get money for mining that block.
    # See below for block specific silk touch unbanning.

    # Format: <blockID>:<amount to be paid>
      19: 10.0
      56: 10.0
      21: 15.0
      129: 50.0
    # Here are all the blocks that are allowed to be mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
    # This means the player will get the money for mining a block even if they have a Silk Touch pickaxe.
    # You MUST set a price for the block above for this to work.
      - 19
      prefix: '&6[&aMFM&6]'
      sold: '&aYou recieved &e%amount% &afor mining &e%block%!'
      reloaded: '&aReloaded the configuration!'
      unknownargument: '&cError: The argument you sepcified is invalid'
    To add a block, under the blocks section, add the item ID of the block you want to add. After the colon, write the amount you want players to get paid. So for example, if you wanted to add Sponge for $15, then add this to the blocks section:

    Code (Text):
    You can also configure some of the messages for the plugin in the config.

    For the sold message (so when a players mines a block and they get paid), you can configure that message. You can use %amount% as a placeholder for the amount they got paid for, and %block% for the name of the block they mined for.



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Recent Reviews

  1. Ompan
    Version: 1.3
    Sehr schön, funktioniert auch noch mit der 1.8.8! Cool wäre, wenn man die Namen der Blöcke replacen könnte.
  2. Silencer325
    Version: 1.3
    It's a great plugin but it's not producing the folder with the config. I'd like to change some amounts but can't because there's no config.