MineMania || Mine-Creator *GUI-Based [1.8.8-1.16x] 0.6.7

The best mine plugin, With a lot of features and a easy GUI-Managment

  1. peppepascale
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Greizkel(Translated MineMania into Russian)
    Languages Supported:
    English, Italian, Russian
    Attention: The plugin will no longer receive new features via updates. I currently have little time to program so I'm just focusing on my new plugin. The plugin will only be updated if a bug is found.

    The best Mine plugin is here!

    MineMania is a MineManagment GUI-Based plugin for Spigot.

    With MineMania, you can create Mines that can be resetted by commands or in automatic way, by setting a cooldown or setting a percentage.

    All stuff is done simply through a GUI.

    Cattura.PNG 1.PNG Cattura2.PNG Cattura3.PNG

    - MultiMine
    - Timed reset
    - GUIManagment
    - Local storage
    - TabCompleter for every command(from version 0.2 and up)
    - Multi-Language support(from version 0.3 and up)
    - Mine PotionEffects(from version 0.4 and up)
    - MineResetLite and JetsPrisonMines conversion(from version 0.5 and up)
    New *PlaceHolders(from version 0.6 and up)

    Avaible languages:
    - English
    - Italian

    To convert data from MineResetLite or JetsPrisonMines, insert one of them in the server and digit /minemania, the GUI will say you to convert data.

    The plugin is also compatible with TokenEnchant and MineBomb.

    Avaible PlaceHolders:

    - %minemania_blocksmined_<mine>%: Display the mined blocks in the insterted mine.
    - %minemania_blocksminedpercentage_<mine>%: Display percentage of the mined blocks in the insterted mine.
    - %minemania_blocksleftpercentage_<mine>%: Display percentage of the left blocks in the insterted mine.
    - %minemania_timetillreset_<mine>%: Display time left for reset in the insterted mine.

    To select language modify the language value in the Config.dat
    If you want to help me translate, fork me on github:

    For create another translation language, copy one that already exists and rename the last part, example:

    MineMania_English -> MineMania_Here insert the language name

    And in the Config.dat, for language, insert the last part of the file language.


    - /minemania: Open the GUI.
    - /minemania addblock <mine> <block> <%>: Add a block to a mine.
    - /minemania addpotioneffect <mine> <effect> <level>: Add a potion effect to a mine.
    - /minemania blocks <mine>: View blocks list of a mine.
    - /minemania create <name>: Create a mine.
    - /minemania help: View subCommand list.
    - /minemania list: View created mines.
    - /minemania manage <mine>: Open directly the GUI view of a mine.
    - /minemania potions <mine>: View potion effects list of a mine.
    - /minemania reload: Reload the Config.dat.
    - /minemania remove <mine>: Remove a mine.
    - /minemania removeblock <mine> <block>: Remove a block from a mine.
    - /minemania removepotioneffect <mine> <effect>: Remove a potion effect from a mine.
    - /minemania reset <mine>: Reset instantly a mine.
    - /minemania setcooldown <mine> <seconds/null>: Set the cooldown for the reset of a mine.
    - /minemania setgradualreset <mine> <true/false>: Set if a mine should reset in instant or gradual mode.
    - /minemania setpercentagereset <mine> <percentage>: Set the percentage reset of a mine.
    - /minemania setregion <mine>: Set the region of a mine.
    - /minemania settploc: Set the spawn that will teleport the players when mine get resetted.
    - /minemania tp <mine>: Tp on the spawn location of a mine.

    minemania.admin: Get all permissions.
    minemania.use: Use /minemania
    minemania.<command>: Use the subCommand inserted.

    #If the plugin need to send a message to the players in the mine when is resetting.
    resetMessage: true
    #The prefix used by the plugin messages.
    prefix: '&b&l[&eMineMania&b&l] &f'
    #If the updater is enabled.
    updaterEnabled: true
    #The language.(Avaible languages: English, Italian)
    language: English
    #Blocks resetted per tick while is used the gradual reset.
    blocksPerTickGradualReset: '100'
    #If players are allowed to break blocks in the mine while is resetting.
    breakMineBlocksWhileReset: true
    #If the mine needs to reset when there aren't more blocks inside.
    resetminewhennoblocks: true
    #A list that allow you to add warnings when the mine cooldown(the cooldown for reset) has reached a number.
    warningsPerSeconds: [3, 2, 1]

    Code (Java):
    MineManiaApi api = MineMania.api;

    Mine mine = api.createMine(name); - Create a mine.

    Mine mine = api.getMines().find(name); - Find a mine by name.

    mine.getKey() - return name of the mine.
    mine.getLocation() - return spawnLocation of the mine.
    mine.getRegion() - return region of mine that contains Vectors of MinLocation and MaxLocation.
    mine.getBlocks() - return list of mineBlocks.
    mine.reset() - reset the mine.
    mine.getPlayersInMine() - return list of players in the mine.
    mine.isGradualReset() - return if a mine reset type is Gradual.
    mine.addBlock(MineBlock block) - add a block to a mine.
    mine.removeBlock(MineBlock block) - add a block to a mine.
    mine.getBlocks() - return a Set of the blocks of the mine.
    mine.addPotion(PotionType type, int level) - add a Potion to a mine.
    mine.removePotion(PotionType type) - remove a Potion from a mine.
    mine.getPotions() - return a Map of the potions in a mine.
    mine.remove() - delete the mine.

    MinePreResetEvent: Called when a mine start the reset process
    MinePostResetEvent: Called when a mine finish the reset process
    PlayerBreakMineBlockEvent: Called when a player break a block of a mine


    If you found a bug please contact me via Spigot, Discord(dado997#5295) or GitHub, do not write it in the review section, report it on the discussion page of my plugin and wait the fix.

    I'm Italian so excuse me for all the grammatical errors. Thanks[/SPOILER]

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  1. 0.6.7
  2. 0.6.6
  3. 0.6.5

Recent Reviews

  1. Rodo999
    Version: 0.6.6
    This is Amazing, the plugin is free and epic for a create a mines in mi server, this is Amaziiiggggg!!!
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review.
  2. SlayorPlayzXD
    Version: 0.6.6
    Awesome plugin but I suggest you keep updating it and it will become more popular and people will make plugins using the API!
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Actually, I don't have much time for programming, so I'm working only on my latest plugin, called BossMania, also I don't think there is much more to add, as I think the plugin is already complete like this.
      Thanks for review.
  3. PalomaYT
    Version: 0.6.6
    hola me gusto su plugin pero tiene un error que es cuando reinicio el server y luego pruebo el plugin y ya no sirve
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      If you send me the error i can try to fix it.
      Thanks for review.
  4. DanielOsorio
    Version: 0.6.5
    Horrible complemento provocó un caos total en mi servidor, corrompio toda la economía y tiendas, no lo recomiendo.
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      MineMania does not use any economy plugin, Why should it be his fault?
      You didn't ask for support.
  5. Zoobastik
    Version: 0.6.4
    It is not written what this plugin does, and if it is written, then it is not clear to me, especially when there is only 1 sentence in it, at least 5 sentences should be, as all plugin developers usually do, who write this at the very top on the first line , I will not even install.

    I realized what the plugin was doing only when I saw the commands, that is, everything that is above is useless ???
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry that the plugin description isn't clear enough, i will rewrite some lines, please, consider the idea of try it and write another review. Thanks for review.
      Excuse me for my bad english but i'm Italian.
  6. Abgegrieft_YT
    Version: 0.3
    I lIke this Plugin, i have try it on my Server but i must seem that it generate a stage of blocks instead of blocks in a random order. If the mine is generated is take Performance and it lags a small Moment. i hope this is fixed in a view updates :D
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      The reset Is random, not a stage of block, for the performances, with mines with a big area can lag sometimes, but i Remember you that the plugin still in beta, and It will be Better every update. I Will try to optimize the reset, and are a option to set a gradual reset instead of a instant reset.
      Thanks for review.
  7. SGhost
    Version: 0.1.1
    Good plugin I'll keep testing it and wait for updates: D

    Recommendation to add effects when entering certain mines as a gui of effects, speed nightvision, etc.
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review