MineMania || Mine-Creator *GUI-Based [1.8.8-1.16x] 0.6.7

The best mine plugin, With a lot of features and a easy GUI-Managment

  1. 0.6.7

    Fixed: *Multiverse core problem.
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  2. 0.6.6

    Added: *BackButton in the PotionsGUI
  3. 0.6.5

    Added: *warningsPerSeconds list in the config that allow you to add warnings when the mine cooldown has reached a number.
  4. 0.6.4

    Added: */minemania rename <mine> <newname>: command that allow you to rename a mine.
    Fixed: *A huge bug it printed NullPointerException in the console when a player breaks a block and some mine doesn't had a region
  5. 0.6.3

    Added: *MinedBlocks placeholder
    Added: *MineBomb hook
    Modified: *Cleaned some code
  6. 0.6.2

    Added: *resetminewhennoblocks boolean in the config that allow you to make mines reset if they doesn't have more blocks left.
  7. 0.6.1

    Fixed: *Previously, blocks broken by an explosion from a TokenEnchant enchant, were not counted in the percentage
    Fixed: *Previously, blocks broken by an explosion were able to bypass the breakMineBlocksWhileReset option in the config.
  8. 0.6

    Added: *PlaceHolderAPI Hook that allow you to use placeholders, the avaible placeholders are:

    %minemania_blocksminedpercentage_<mine>%: Display percentage of the mined blocks in the insterted mine.
    %minemania_blocksleftpercentage_<mine>%: Display percentage of the left blocks in the insterted mine.
    %minemania_timetillreset_<mine>%: Display time left for reset in the insterted mine.
  9. 0.5.1

    Added: */minemania setpercentagereset <mine> <percentage> That allow you to set a on-percentage reset, example,
    the percentage reset is on 80%, players mined the 80% of the blocks in the mine, so the mine resets.
  10. 0.5

    Added: *Conversion from the plugins: MineResetLite and JetsPrisonMines.
    For convert from a plugin you need to insert it in the server and open the Main GUI of MineMania, The plugin will say you to convert.