Minepacks (Backpack Plugin) (MC 1.7-1.13) 1.18

Minepacks is a backpack plugin with different backpack sizes, multilanguage and MySQL storage.

  1. GeorgH93
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Minepacks is a backpack plugin with different backpack sizes, multilanguage and MySQL storage support.

    • Configuration
    • Permissions
    • Backpack size controlled by permissions
    • Auto item-collect on full inventory (can be enabled in the config)
    • SQLite/MySQL database
    • Multi Language (English and German Language File included)
    • Support for MC 1.7.6 and newer (name changing / UUID)
    • Support for MC 1.13 (please check this for how to upgrade old backpacks)
    • Preserves the NBT data of items (everything that can be stored in a chest can be stored in the backpack)
    • Autoupdater


    • /backpack help - Lists all the commands of this plugin.
    • /backpack - Opens the players backpack.
    • /backpack clean - Removes all items from the players backpack.
    • /backpack clean <playername> - Removes all items from another players backpack.
    • /backpack <playername> - Shows the backpack of another player.

    • backpack.* - Gives access to the full MinePacks functionality. (for admins)
    • backpack.use - Allows a player to open their backpack. Some permission plugins have problems with this permission. Please use the "backpack" permission in cause this permission is not working for you.
    • backpack - Same as "backpack.use". Use this permission if the "backpack.use" permission doesn't work for you.
    • backpack.fullpickup - Allows the player to automatically pick up items when their inventory is full (function needs to be enabled in the config)
    • backpack.size.1 - Mini size for a backpack, if the player has backpack permission he will also have at least a backpack with the size 1.
    • backpack.size.2 - 2*9 backpack
    • backpack.size.3 - 3*9 backpack
    • backpack.size.4 - 4*9 backpack
    • backpack.size.5 - 5*9 backpack
    • backpack.size.6 - 6*9 backpack
    • backpack.clean - Allows the player to clean their own backpack.
    • backpack.clean.other - Allows the player to clean other players backpacks.
    • backpack.others - Allows the player open backpacks of other players.
    • backpack.others.edit - Allows the player to edit backpacks of other players.
    • backpack.KeepOnDeath - Allows the player to keep their items in their backpack on death.
    • backpack.noCooldown - Allows to bypass the cooldown to open the backpack.
    Extra large backpacks (they gui is broken but they work):
    • backpack.size.7 - 7*9 backpack
    • backpack.size.8 - 8*9 backpack
    • backpack.size.9 - 9*9 backpack


    Support the plugin:
    Developing a plugin like this requires a lot of time. If you like it please consider writting a review.
    If you like you can also support me with a small donation.
    PayPal €: [​IMG] PayPal $: [​IMG] Bitcoin: 3EPvQYp7L6tAXe4yogTGpk1XgH3iKFoiah
    If you have donated and would like to be shown in the Special Thanks selection please send me a pm with your transaction details.

    Special Thanks:
    I would like to thank everyone who has used this plugin, reported bugs, suggested feature, ..., without you guys this plugin would not be what it is now!
    I also would like to especially thank some peoples for their support:

    Please do not report bugs/errors in reviews! I will not give you support in reviews!
    If you find a bug or have a problem please send me a private message!
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Recent Reviews

  1. catofelix
    Version: 1.18
    - backpack.use
    - backpack.size.6
    - backpack.KeepOnDeath
    - backpack.fullpickup

  2. bkbird
    Version: 1.18
    How to set MySQL useSSL=false
    I set
    - "useSSL=false"
    but it didn't work.
  3. Seperallis
    Version: 1.18
    This is a really good plugin and I recommend it, but it could really do with the ability to either:
    1) Set a different backpack per world,
    2) enable/disable the backpack on certain worlds via a whitelist/blacklist, similar to how one can already disable it for certain game modes.

    That aside, it's still been a good quality of life plugin for my players.
  4. Scott2453
    Version: 1.18
    Please add /backpack reload function to reload easily. BTW, plugin is great! Thanks for creating.
  5. AmigaMan67
    Version: 1.18
    Works like a charm! Excellent! Spigot 1.13.2 Ive tried many different backpack plugins and this is the best.
  6. Hestia23
    Version: 1.18
    An amazing and essential plugin for any survival themed server. It works perfectly on Spigot 1.13.
  7. BraveBurst
    Version: 1.17.13
    Great plugin man, thanks a lot and it works fine on 1.12.2. (ExtraCharactersToSubmit)
  8. Tikifirst
    Version: 1.17.13
    Can we have an API ?
  9. Tonairplayer51
    Version: 1.17.8
    Good plugin, but please add a "item blacklist" module.
  10. TheHippoJon
    Version: 1.17.6
    Good, not great. The many permissions are fantastic but it needs the option to set different backpacks per multiverse world