MinePhone 1.2

Use a simple and cool Phone GUI in Minecraft.

  1. HackerNik
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This phone Plugin allows you to:
    - Warp yourself to selected Warps (You can change the name of them in the config.yml, and select if they are shown in the GUI.)
    - Teleports you to the spawn, with one click
    You can set the spawn as an admin
    - Players can set a home and teleport themselves home, with one click
    - You can buy some materials and Potion Effects
    - You can check the money in your wallet
    - You can check and change the wallet and homes of other players in the .yml files which appear after the first start of the plugin.
    - You can change the price of potion effects and the resources in Amazon (The online shop of the plugin) using the config.yml.
    - You can also set the reward for mining Diamond Ore, Redstone Ore, Wheat, ... Just look into the config file.
    - You can access your ender chest and a crafting table
    - Phone is now craftable with netherbrick in the middle and at the borders redstone
    - Set the choices of transferring money (The amount) in the config.yml
    - The config.yml is now labelled with notes, so everything in it should be clear.

    And a big advantage is:
    My plugin does NOT need any other plugins, like Vault, SetHome or SetSpawn. Everything is included.
    I am currently working on an admin- Gui for setting the money of players.

    So please rate my resource and send me some ideas which I could add.
    Stay healthy!

    Here are some pictures:
    Phone_home.PNG Phone_wallet.PNG Phone_Amazon.PNG Phone_potions.PNG Phone_enderchest.PNG