MineResetLite 0.4.8

Lightweight implementation for automatic mine resets.

  1. Boomclaw
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    MineResetLite is a must-have plugin for all prison servers.

    • Easy to use, easy to understand
    • Select mines via WorldEdit or manually
    • Easily modify ore percentages
    • Automatically broadcast mine reset warnings
    • Automatically teleport players out of the mine to prevent suffocation
    • Customizable reset messages.
    New additions:
    • Teleport command.
    • Get information from the mine you're standing in.
    • Set the teleport position of a mine.
    • Conversion from PrisonMines.
    • .... And more!
    Bugs fixed from original:
    • No more spawning in blocks.
    • No more looking for similar named mines.
    • Removed annoying error messages when it disables.
    • Metric system update.
    • .... And more!
    Planned features:
    • Increment system for resetting.
      • This will reduce stress on CPUs for large mines. Perform 20 blocks per tick - customizable.

    Commands & Permissions:

    • /mrl list
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.list
      • Simply enough, this command lists the names of all mines.
    • /mrl p1 (-feet)
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.create
      • This command will set your first MRL selection point to the block you are looking at. If you execute the command with the -feet argument, it will set your first point to the block you're standing on.
    • /mrl p2 (-feet)
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.create
      • This command will set your second MRL selection point to the block you are looking at. If you execute the command with the -feet argument, it will set your second point to the block you're standing on.
    • /mrl create <mine name>
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.create
      • To create a mine, make a selection via either WorldEdit or /mrl p1/p2, then use this command to save the mine to memory. Mine names are allowed to have spaces.
    • /mrl info [mine name]
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.info
      • To view information about a mine, such as its composition, automatic reset settings, or world, use /mrl info.
      • Without the parameter [mine name], the plugin will presume you are looking for information about the mine you are standing in - this feature is only available to players, consoles will still be required to use the parameter and players can still use the parameter if they want to get information from a specific mine.
    • /mrl set <mine name> <block:mad:data) <percentage>%
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.composition
      • Example usages:
        • Set the mine to contain 98% stone: /mrl set <mine name> stone 98%
        • Set the mine to contain 50% birch log: /mrl set <mine name> log:2 50%
      • Setting the percentage of a block already in the mine will always overwrite the old value in the mine. You cannot have a mine whose composition totals to be over 100%, however, you can have a mine with a composition of less than 100%. When a mine resets, if the composition is less than 100%, it is padded with air until the composition does equal 100%.
    • /mrl unset <mine name> <block:mad:data)
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.composition
      • To remove a block entirely from a mine's composition, such that the mine will no longer contain that block, use /mrl unset.
      • Example usages:
        • Remove stone from the mine: /mrl unset <mine name> stone
        • Remove birch logs from the mine: /mrl unset <mine name> log:2
    • /mrl reset <mine name> (-s)
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.reset
      • /mrl reset will immediately reset the specified mine, also crediting the player who ran the reset command. If you wish to not have the mine broadcast the fact it was just reset, use /mrl reset <mine name> -s. This will no longer look for similar mine names, just the exact one.
    • /mrl flag <mine name> <setting> <value>
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.flag
      • /mrl flag most importantly modifies settings for automatic resets. Each flag is detailed below:
        • resetDelay: The integer number of minutes between every mine reset. For example, if the resetDelay was 10, the mine would reset every 10 minutes.
        • resetWarnings: A comma separated list of integer minute values to warn players of the imminent mine reset. For example, to display a warning at 10, 5, and 1 minute before the reset, set the value of resetWarnings to: 10,5,1
        • fillMode: Boolean, whether or not to activate fill mode on reset of this mine. Fill mode means only blocks that are air will be changed. This mode is not commonly used on prison servers.
        • surface: A block type. When set to anything but air, sets the top block of the mine to always be the specified block after a reset. This hides "surface ores" that are freebies. When set to air, the flag is cleared.
        • silent: Boolean. If true (the default), the mine will announce when it has been automatically reset. When false, the mine won't announce that. This flag doesn't apply to command-initiated resets.
    • /mrl erase <mine name>
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.erase
      • To completely and irrevocably remove a mine, simply delete it with /mrl erase.
    • /mrl tp <mine name>
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.tp
      • Teleports the player to the top of the center of the mine.
    • /mrl settp <mine name>
      • Permissions: mineresetlite.mine.settp
      • Sets the mine's teleport location.
    Source: https://github.com/Boomclaw/MineResetLite

    Post any issues you have in the discussion thread and one of our team will get to you ASAP.

    The plugin was seemingly abandoned in 2014, over a year ago - with many bugs and annoying issues. The majority of these have now been repaired. You can find the original Bukkit plugin here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mineresetlite/

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sleepyflea
    Version: 0.4.8
    does not work 1.18.2, please update this plugin, thanks would appreciate it! i used to use this but not anymore
  2. LdoinPlay
    Version: 0.4.8
    Very good plugin, used it on my servers for a long time. I would like more types of mines.

    Eal that the plugin has stopped updating.
  3. Arcadeprograme
    Version: 0.4.8
    Bonjour ce plugin à l'air bien mais malheureusement ne fonctionne pas en 13.2, s'il vous plair, mettez le à jour, c'est le seul plugin capable de faire ça, et j'en ai énormément besoin.
    Hello this plugin looks good but unfortunately does not work in 13.2, please update it, it is the only plugin capable of doing this, and I really need it.
    Thann you.
  4. LordWolfVR
    Version: 0.4.8
    This Plugin Is Absolutely Amazing! 1 Thing That I Would Like There To Not Be Though But How Do You Turn Off The Reset Notifications?
  5. gamercomics
    Version: 0.4.8
    good plugin pls update 1.16.1 ........................................................
  6. TheGoulBoy123
    Version: 0.4.8
    Works perfectly for 1.8-1.12. For those wanting an update, there will be no update any time soon. The last one was more than 3 years ago. However, if you want a dope prison server from 1.8-1.12.2 this is one of the best ones out there!
  7. MathiasRP
    Version: 0.4.8
    It does not work with anything over 1.11.2.........................................
  8. TomiTM
    Version: 0.4.8
    I would like to be able to edit the messages, it would be very good.
    Me gustaría que se puedan editar los mensajes, sería muy bueno.
  9. ricsi507
    Version: 0.4.8
    Ezt senkinek sem ajánlom semmire nemjó................................................
  10. JugadorNuevo17
    Version: 0.4.8
    Tendria que poner cambiarse el mensaje de reseteo de las minas , ya que el prefijo es [mrl] y no me gusta
    I would have to change the mine reset message, since the prefix is [mrl] and I don't like it