MineReward | A New Way Of Rewarding People Beta_1.4

Advanced Way To Reward People!

  1. dawidperez
    Mine Blocks To Get Rewards!
    - Config To Edit Messages
    - Edit Rewards
    - Avaible To Add Commands
    - Simple To Understand
    - %player% = Player
    - %broke% = How Many Brocken Blocks
    - ; Split Command or World
    NEED HELP OR SUGGESTION? Leave it in Ask Questions& Get Support!

    1. Download The Plugin
    2. Place it in your plugin folder
    3. Run Server
    4. Stop The Server
    5. Edit Config
    6. Run The server

    Code (Text):
    # %player% = Player    %broke% = Player has broke blocks.    ; Split Command or Worlds[/FONT][/CENTER]
    [FONT=verdana][CENTER]#How Many Blocks Does the player has to break to launch the command? (Loops)
    Interval: 20
    #Set Up Your Own Messages
      MineMessage: '&cYou has broke &6%broke% &cblocks!'
      MessageActivated: true
    #Command to be launched when player destroyes "Interval" Blocks Ammount. Use ; To Split The Command
    Commands: say WellDone!;give %player% diamond 1;
    #Reset on reach The interval So it will not go to 21..22.23..24 Because command will be not launched.
    ResetOnReach: true
    #Enabled Worlds Use ; To Split The Worlds
    Enabled_Worlds: world1;world;test;test1




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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Message
  2. Added a new string
  3. Fixed Common Bug When Editing Text

Recent Reviews

  1. DannielMm
    Version: Beta_1.4
    Very nice plugin, add a option... example:
    On broke 20 blocks = Send Message
    * Configurable *
    Or send message on send the prize.
    Thx, sorry for the bad english
  2. Assossa
    Version: Beta_0.8
    Very nice plugin, works great for prison, smp, and faction servers. I can see this plugin becoming a common one to install.
    1. dawidperez
      Author's Response
      Thanks (:
  3. Vercetti
    Version: BETA 0.5
    Very good plugin!!

    Please add a placeholder for Featherboard ( how many blocks left to get reward )
    1. dawidperez
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I will try adding one soon
  4. ZepoZok
    Version: BETA 0.4
    Thanks! It is now neater and no bugs found so far! Keep up the good plugin up! I really wish there was a test server. Can you try adding one?
    1. dawidperez
      Author's Response
      Thanks (: I will try to get 1 up running.
  5. ZepoZok
    Version: BETA 0.3
    Good Plugin! 1 Small Bug. Can you fix it? The bug is when I reload it says in console that an error accrued. I suggest if you could clean up some code and fix the bug! Thanks :)
    1. dawidperez
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I will try to fix the bug as soon as possible and do some code clean up! :)