MineSpawners 1.3

Mine, place, or sell Mob Spawners.

  1. Configuration Reload Command

    • Added /minespawners reload or /ms reload to reload the configuration file in-game.
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  2. Custom Messages

    • Added a message.yml file so that users can customize plugin messages and prefixes.
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  3. Explosion Update

    • Added a handler for harvesting spawners with explosions
    • Added configuration manager and updater
    • Added new configuration options
    • Added world harvesting whitelist
    • Added configurable enchantment required

    New Config:
    Code (Text):
    #Should a specific enchantment be required to mine a mob spawner?
      enchantment-required: true
    #Enchantment ID required to mine spawners.
      enchantment-id: 33
    #Should whitelist mining spawners to specific worlds?...