MineSQLAPI 1.2

Easy way to implements MySQL support into your plugins

  1. hatten33
    == === Overview === ==
    You're probably here because a plugin you downloaded has this listed as a dependency. Simply download the jar and install it as you would any other plugin.

    MineSQL is an API for making the integration of MySQL into Bukkit plugins quick and easy. If you find a bug or have an improvement, I'd love to hear.

    === Features ===
    *Querying the MySQL database with traditional MySQL syntax
    *Executing updates to the MySQL database with traditional MySQL syntax
    *Creating a table
    *Opening a table as an ArrayList>
    *Getting a value from a certain row and column
    *Putting lots of values in a table by using String arrays.

    === Usage ===
    Server Administrators - Simply download and place in your plugins directory

    Developers - See the GitHub repository for further information. There is a readme as well as an example plugin.