MineVoice - Voice Chat for Regions and Worlds 2.1

Voice Chat plugin that connect Discord channels with Regions and Worlds

  1. Dillrander
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Erick Ferreira, Cleberson Saller

    -------> Now supporting BungeeCord <-------

    You can use it to create Voice Rooms for your taverns, arenas, cities, minigame matches and whatever you can think. It is all in your hands to use MineVoice and design an incredible and working voice chat system.

    MineVoice is also very easy to install! It's basically a few clicks and you're done! Our Web Interface will surely make configuring it feel like a breeze.

    Take a further look in the Tutorial section to learn the simple steps you'll need to take to start using the incredible tool that is MineVoice.



    Installing Mine Voice is very simple. It's basically some clicks and you're done. And configuring it is the same!

    So let's start:

    • Download our plugin file and put it in your server plugins folder.
    • Open your server just to generate all configuration files
    • To connect your Minecraft server with your Discord, you'll need to grab a token generated by our interface. So let's get it
    • Go to the Interface page and select the server you want. If it doesn't have MineVoice bot installed click on the button to install it and once it's done, in the interface, go to the "Token" tab and click to show it.
    • Copy and paste the token
    • In Minecraft, type /minevoice settoken [token]
    • It's done! Mine Voice is installed on both Discord and Minecraft servers. Altough, there is no registered Voice Rooms of your own, so what about registering one?

    Creating Voice Rooms:

    Creating Voice Rooms is very easy thanks to our interface. But before start creating one, lets understand what really is a Voice Room:

    A Voice Room is a Discord voice channel that is linked to a Minecraft world or region. Whenever a player who is participating in the chat enters a registered zone he'll be automatically moved to the respective voice channel

    • Go to the Interface page and select the server you want. Go to the "Voice Rooms" tab. There will be listed all your Voice Rooms.
    • Click in 'Create Voice Room' and then:
      • Select the desired discord Channel.
      • Select if this Voice Room is attached to a Region or World.
      • Inform the Region or World name.
      • For BungeeCord servers: Inform the 'serverName' defined in your config or leave it blank for default.
      • Click 'Create'.
    • Important: type '/minevoice refresh' on Minecraft
    • It's done! Connect to any voice chat in your discord (MineVoice automatically creates an Lobby for convention) and test entering in the region/world setted on the created Voice Room.

      *Note: remember, your players have to be connected to any voice channel on your discord to be automatically moved. It's a Discord (plausible) rule.



    Feel free to comment or contact us with any suggestion or problem you have.
    We have a Contact Section in our website in case you wish to dm us.
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Recent Reviews

  1. xTheDoctah
    Version: 1.03
    Well, easy to configure, fast and easy to use. I had some problems due to Cloudflare, but after some investigation the devs got what was the problem, and solved it. They where super friendly. Now back to the plugin, its a fresh plugin, works well with no problems. Good documentation. Recommended.