MiniEvents MiniGames 2020-10-15

Fun minigames events.

  1. amitay
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:

    Mini Events

    If you find a bug, please dm me in spigot.
    Please do not leave a bad review if you encounter a bug, I will provide support.

    Overall information:

    MiniEvents lets you host mini games as events, meaning it won't be a primary gamemode, but a side event from time to time.

    The current minigames available are:

    • Sumo

    • Redrover

    • Spleef

    • LMS

    • WaterDrop
    And soon we’ll add more!

    Dependencies: [WorldEdit, WorldGuard]

    Placeholders: [%player% (for player name)]


    • minigames.(game) (permission to set up a given game)

    • (permission to host a given game)

    • Minigames.admin (permission to use the minigame admin commands)

    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to fill everything in the config or it might cause errors to occur.


    Every game commands:

    /(game) set spectators (set up the position for anyone who lost the game to spectate the rest of it)

    /(game) set minplayers (set up the minimum amount of players for a game to start)

    /(game) set maxplayer (set up the maximum amount of players allowed in a game)

    /(game) set timetostart (set up how much time people have to join a game before it starts)


    Sumo is all about fighting a player in a small area (3x3 or 4x4 blocks usually). To win, you have to knock the other player out of the area into the water below, the last player standing on the platform wins.

    Setting up a Sumo arena:

    To set up a sumo arena, you must use the following commands: (order does not matter)

    /sumo set spawnplayer1 (set the position of the first player)

    /sumo set spawnplayer2 (set the position of the second player)

    /sumo set spawn (set the position for everyone to watch/wait for their turn to fight)


    Redrover is a game where the objective is to run from one side to another while a killer is trying to catch you every time you go by him. The last man alive wins.

    For this game to work you must have 2 regions placed down

    1. area1

    2. area2
    Those regions will be the safe side the players have to go for each round, if the players are not inside the area in time, they lose.

    Setting up a RedRover arena:

    To set up a redrover arena, you must use the following commands: (order does not matter)

    /redrover set runnerspawn (set the position of the runners)

    /redrover set attackerspawn (set the position of the killer) (the items in your inventory)

    /redrover set attackerkit (set the killer’s kit)

    /redrover set runnerskit (set the runners kit) (the items in your inventory)

    /redrover set area1 (area1)

    /redrover set area2 (area2) (set the areas.)


    LMS is somewhat like a “free for all” gamemode, everyone get sent to a set position then they all fight to the death, the last man standing wins.

    Setting up a LMS arena:

    To set up a LMS arena, you must use the following commands: (order does not matter)

    /lms set spawn (set the position everyone will spawn in)

    /lms set kit (the kit the players will get when fighting)


    Spleef is similar to LMS, where only one player can win, the difference is that you win by breaking the arena beneath your enemy.

    Setting up a Spleef arena:

    To set up a spleef arena, you must use the following commands: (order does not matter)

    IMPORTANT: You must have a schematic named spleef in your schematics folder and then set the location in the schematics folder inside the minigames plugin.

    /spleef set spawn (set the position everyone will spawn in)

    /spleef set deathy (num) (when a player falls to this y level he will die)


    WaterDrop is a game when you can set up as many drop levels as you want, with water at the end of each level, the players have to fall down through the level and hit the water at the end to survive and progress to the next level, the first player to finish all the levels wins. If a player die at stage 2 or above, he will be sent back to stage 1.

    Setting up a WaterDrop game:

    To set up a waterdrop game, you must use the following commands: (order does not matter)

    /waterdrop set newarena (sets a new waterdrop level in your position)

    IMPORTANT: you do not need to set spectate arena for this gamemode (waterdrop).
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Recent Reviews

  1. D34TH
    Version: 2020-10-15
    The plugin is perfect ... I just found some things poorly explained, but otherwise it's perfect ...
    What is the command to start an event?
    1. amitay
      Author's Response
      Hey thank you for the review :)
      /hostgame [game]