MiniFeastAddOn for LibsHungergames 1.0

Add mini feast(s) to LibsHungergames

  1. Pyr0x3n
    This Plugin add mini feast to LibsHungergames.

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    Installation / Update:
    • Close your server.
    • Drop the MiniFeastAddOn.jar to your /plugins/ folder.
    • Restart your server.
    What this plugin does?
    It adds one or more mini feast, 4 chests and an enchantment table, at a random location and a random time.
    The time of spawning is randomly calculated between invincibility wear off and the regular LibsHungergames feast. A message is sent to all player, informing the spawning of mini feast, but without information about the location.

    Where do I configure the chests inventories?
    This plugin use LibsHungergames feast.yml file, this file is located under the LibsHungergames plugin. I suggest you don't change it.

    How may mini feast can be spawned?
    You can spawn an unlimited number of mini fests, simply change the number of mini-feasts spawned in config.yml.


    Report issues at the discussion section. Make sur you have the latest version before reporting issues.

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