Minigame world restorer 1.6

Restore your world on startup

  1. NacOJerk
    Do you use a minigame plugin that doesn't have a world restorer? Then this plugin is for you.
    This plugin copies the world or worlds to a destination folder on start up.
    This plugin is fully configurable.
    Just set a location where your world files are and a destination where the world files needs to be copied to.

    Note: All the files in the directory are copied to the destination directory, so put them in a separate directory.

    Example config:
    Code (Text):
      source: worlds
      dest: annihilation/worlds
    #So this copies the world files on start up from plugins/worlds to plugins/annihilation/worlds

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Recent Updates

  1. Updated to 1.8.7
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    Version: 1.5
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    Version: 1.0
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