MinigameAPI 0.0.2

A light weight resource for simplify the minigame programming process

  1. RaynorWorld
    MrManiac AlphaTect
    MinigameAPI is a useful resource for Spigot/Bukkit developers to use. It aims to create a unified system for developers looking to make minigames. The sole purpose of the MinigameAPI is to make the development process of minigames, quick and easy (if possible).

    This plugin is in a early alpha stage, and will be changing on a daily basis, although most of the structure is there, lot's still needs be added. You can leave feedback on this forum. Plugins built on top of this plugin may break as time moves on.


    - MrManiacc (Lead Developer)
    - AlphaTech (Contributor)

    Current Features
    - Developers can easily hook into the API and create a minigame instance.
    - Component system (see 'What is the Component System').
    - Timer component, which allows you to easily create a countdown component or anything that needs to be updated a certain amount of time per a tick.
    - Listener component, which allows to create sub listeners components that can be enabled or disabled. They can be registered from the Listener component it's self easily.
    - Added a Travis-CI build system.

    Planned Features
    - Easy database connection and using SQL queries.
    - Save and retrieve data quickly and easily to and from a custom yaml or xaml configuration.
    - Adding useful minigame functionality i.e. adding a way to create holograms, leaderboards etc.
    - Command component system i.e. having a base command and then separate components for arguments for easy command system.
    - Added a ci build system, along with a maven repo.
    - YouTube tutorial on how to use the MinigameAPI, and/or a full YouTube series on creating a minigame using the API.
    - Add Javadocs.

    What is the Component System?
    The the idea behind the component system is to make it easy for developers to be able to use certain features of the plugin all together. What does that mean? That means you can easily find another component based on the name. So what? Well with being able to get any component from another component is pretty powerful, let me give you an example. There is a countdown-timer component and you need to access it in a event listener class, well yes of course you just pass it in the constructor, but it gets sloppy sometimes. The component system allows for disabling certain components, reloading them etc. Each component has children of sub-components, they can be accessed via their name. You can cast those components to what ever you need to and easily access it.

    - Download linked jar file named 'Minigame-(Current Version).jar'.
    - Make a spigot/bukkit plugin, for either intellij or eclispe.
    - Add the 'Minigame-(Current Version).jar' to your build path.
    - Create a new class that extends 'Minigame'
    - Add the following to your 'onEnable' method:
    - MinigameAPI.getInstance().registerMinigame(new GetToTheZoneMinigame(this));
    - MinigameAPI.getInstance().getMinigame(this.getDescription().getName()).setEnabled(true);
    - When compiling your plugin, don't forget to have the 'Minigame(CurrentVersion).jar' plugin running on your server instance!
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