MinigameLeave 1.1.1

Leave different minigames and arenas with just one command: /leave

  1. nonnimus

    Do you have multiple minigame plugins installed on your server and each of them has its own command for leaving the game?
    With this plugin you can leave them all just by typing /leave.

    Leave different minigames and different arenas with just one single command: /leave

    Create WorldGuard regions around your arenas and game lobbies (if you have not done already) where you want to use the /leave command.
    Then enter the region and type: /ml [regionID] <command normally used to leave the arena>

    For example:
    SurvivalGames-Arena with a region named "sg-1" and the command "/sg leave" to leave SG:

    • /ml sg leave
    If you stand in several regions you have to specify the region:
    • /ml sg-1 sg leave

    You can set a default command in the config file wich will be performed if no leave-command is set.

    • /leave

    • /quit
    • /exit

    • /ml [region] <command>

    • ml.admin

    This plugin requires WorldGuard, WorldEdit and WGCustomFlags
    Drop MinigameLeave.jar in your plugins folder and install the required Plugins.

    If you like this plugin and want to support me, then feel free to donate. :)

    Just click here.


    Found any bugs? Please report them here, so I can try to fix them :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. DrTripple
    Version: 1.1.1
    Pls Update this Plugin to 1,9 . I need for my server is very important ;:D .............................
    1. nonnimus
      Author's Response
      Hey, the recent version of MinigameLeave should run without any Problems on 1.9
  2. Aristidee
    Version: 1.1.1
    It's a very good plugin, it works very well!
    But I think you could improve a little more options of this plugins or add:)
  3. DrTripple
    Version: 1.1
    Pls Update.... Bitte Update das Plugin da WGCustomflags geupdatet worde und es klappt nicht mehr zusammen
    1. nonnimus
      Author's Response
      The WGCustomFlags link was outdated. It works now! :)
  4. Turtleworld
    Version: 1.0
    Great ressource if you have various minigame plugins! We activly use this. Helps a lot. Thank you very much!