Minigames 1.12

The original Minigames plugin, allowing server owners to create simple or advanced minigames!

  1. Updated download URL for 1.12

    This is the same as the August 28, 2017 release, but with the zip file hosted on
  2. Minor update to use correct stats package

    All the versions shown in the description have recieved a backported update to use the bstats system.

    We hope to use the metrics we get to tailor versioning in the future - updating and allowing metrics to be sent will help us target future work.
  3. Update to 1.12

    Please find the 1.12 Version here
  4. 1.11.0 Final Release

    Please find attached the final release of minigames for 1.11
  5. Minigames 1.11 (Development)

    Pleas find the latest version of Minigames for Spigot/Bukkit Servers using 1.11
    Improvement list
    1. Spigot 1.11 Compatible
    2. New Condition - "Contains Entity"
    3. Offhand usage can be toggled.
    4. New Trigger called Player Drop Flag - occurs when a player dies with a enemy flag.
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