MinigamesLib-Bungee [1.9 SUPPORT] 2.1.0

Extension for MinigamesLib to allow full bungee support (signs in lobby server)

  1. TheMrQuake
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    TheMrQuake, InstanceLabs
    The author of the original, abandoned the development of the plugin. This version is a new version in which the bug fixes and adds support for 1.9!
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    == MinigamesLib Bungee ==

    This is an extension to MinigamesLib to allow further Bungee support like signs/joining through servers.

    Important links:

    Github Repo

    === Setup ===

    You need to install MinigamesLib (+ the minigames you want) on the minigames server for the plugin to work! You don't need anything besides this plugin on the lobby server.

    Disable game_on_join on the minigames server, otherwise bugs might appear.

    Let's say you have two servers, one called lobby and the other one minigames_server and you install all minigames and setup all arenas on that minigames_server.

    Now if you want players to be able to join through signs in the lobby to minigames in the minigames_server, do the following:

    * Setup arenas on the minigames server. Example: Splegg arena called "test".
    * Setup a sign in the lobby server like that:

    1. [0] "MGLib"
    2. [1] Minigame (e.g. MGSplegg)
    3. [2] Arena (e.g. test)
    4. [3] Server (e.g. minigames1)


    1. MGLib
    2. MGSkyWars
    3. arena1
    4. minigames_server

    Disable game_on_join on the minigames server, otherwise bugs might appear.

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  1. Neonlp
    Version: 2.1.0
    The plugin is good, but can you please add, that i can change the design of the sign? That will be really great