MinigamesLib 1.14.17

MinigameLib for many many Games !

  1. MysticCity
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    at this moment we stop the development on this plugin.
    if we fine some nice coders with a much time we can start again.

    Bug`s or Feature Request`s ???

    That's the API we use in all of newer minigames. Of course you are free to use. There's Arcade functionality already included which enables you to be able to play all minigames in one run, you just need to install MGArcade.

    MinigamesLib-Bungee is included in the link above or can be found here on spigot. A tutorial on bungee signs is here.


    * Default Config explanation and Item Markup tutorial
    * All commands
    * Trivia (cool side infos)

    MGLib Compatibility ---> Project

    1.14.16 ---> BedWars
    1.14.16 ---> Bowbash
    1.14.16 ---> Conquer
    1.14.16 ---> DeathRun
    1.14.16 ---> FlyingCars
    1.14.16 ---> Gungame
    1.14.16 ---> HorseRacing
    1.14.16 ---> MobEscape
    1.14.16 ---> NoteblockBlitz
    1.14.16 ---> OneInTheChamber
    1.14.16 ---> SeaBattle
    1.14.16 ---> SkyWars
    1.14.16 ---> Snake
    1.14.16 ---> Splegg & Spleef
    1.14.16 ---> Trapdoor Spleef
    1.14.16 ---> Warlock
    1.14.16 ---> WarlockTactical

    ---> Acarde [Now in this LIB]
    ---> Bungee [Now in this LIB]

    All minigames built with this API will be automatically available in Arcade, which means you can play all of them in one run.


    * ArenaSystem
    * Customizable messages
    * Different minigame types
    * Permission for VIP Join to Games
    * Economy, command and item rewards
    * Overall Customization/Attributes like player counts, countdowns, spawns, boundaries etc.
    * Signs and corresponding Arena states
    * Fast map regeneration mechanism
    * Kits/Classes and Classesmenu
    * Arcade (play all games in one run)
    * MySQL/SQLite support
    * CrackShot API
    * Bungee support
    * Party (/party)
    * Additional shops with Gui
    * Achievements
    * Included effects like blood or dead bodies lying around
    * Moar stuff


    * Please use the following enchantment names for the kits of all minigames:

    * For potioneffects use the following names:

    * For sounds use these names:

    * Here's a tutorial on how to include enchantments and potioneffects in the classes.yml: Config explanation and Item Markup tutorial[/URL]


    As of v1.4 MySQL Support is fully functional, each minigame creates its own table and will save stats like points, wins and loses into these. To use MySQL enable it in the config.yml of each minigame you want and create a database called "mcminigames". Reload the server, done.


    People can now invite players to their party and join arenas together with their friends, just like many huge networks have these now. To change messages of the party commands take a look at partymessages.yml in the MinigamesLib directory. The main command is /party and shows all available subcommands with small descriptions.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SaturnCocaCola
    Version: 1.14.17
    A very good plugin! It works perfectly and is easy to setup! The best minigame/gungame plugin I know.
  2. AhmadAradii
    Version: 1.14.17
    This plugin been good since 1.7 and still people should use it since it have a lot of good stuff, for people who are complaining about the compatibility for 1.14 and above just use ViaVersion if your server runs on 1.12 which allows your server to let players from updated version to still be able to join and play that's your solution!
  3. vlOd
    Version: 1.14.17
    This is the best plugin ever it has all of the nice minigames!
    And also for people that say normal people cannot use signs,Just go to your and set spawnprotection to 0
    1. MysticCity
      Author's Response
      Thanks ^^
  4. caputino
    Version: 1.14.17
    It is a very good pack of minigames, I've used it in my 1.7.10 server and runs fine (older versions, of course). Sadly, there's no more development happening for this plugin and the only thing that works on 1.15.2 is the MinigamesLib, all the minigames just give the same error while enabling.
    1. MysticCity
      Author's Response
      Sorry but we dont have any time for this projekt
      maybe if i finde 1 or more coders to help or i find some time we start again
  5. TOL_Havoc
    Version: 1.14.17
    Good but normal players cant use join signs for some reason, I have been looking for a whole day and cant fix it.
  6. wadgsregha
    Version: 1.14.17
    Amazing collection of games that you can't get anywhere else. Very easy to use and a lot of documentation.
  7. creeperQ7
    Version: 1.14.17
    Awesome plugin, but please fix the bug with ColoredTags that your tag dissapeares after playing a game
    i use spigot 1.8 with viaversion
    1. MysticCity
      Author's Response
      For bug pls use the Bug Tracker
  8. MasterOfWafflez
    Version: 1.14.17
    Great plugin but really needs hunger games. Once it's added, it's just perfect! :D
  9. plasmapug0019
    Version: 1.14.17
    You should add a survive the disasters type of MG!
  10. FlashVenom
    Version: 1.14.17
    A great way to make your server fun and interesting - we use this plugin for a school server which was 100% creative. The kids love taking a break from building to play these games with each other. HUGE thanks to whomever picked up this project and works on maintaining it. Your time is greatly appreciated by many, and your hard work has created many smiling faces and happy memories. Keep it up!