Mining Bonus 2.0

Expand your players mining experience

  1. Michael Lefebvre
    Are you looking to bring mining back to your server and make X-Raying useless in the process?
    Well we've developed a plugin that just might do that for you and your server!

    This plugin gives your players who have a permission node a chance to find a "gem" while mining which will give them a set amount of money. The Gem they find is just hypothetical and they immediately receive a set amount of "currency" in your server using the Essentials /eco give command.

    You can also configure this plugin to work with CrateReloaded, and have your players find crate keys while mining.

    There are 15 "Gem" Slots to be configured as you choose.

    /miningbonus (displays the "gems" available in the server)

    miningbonus.overview (Allows players to type /miningbonus)
    miningbonus.allow (Allows players to obtain "Gems")

    Finally, by purchasing this plugin, you agree to all of the following...
    1. Redistribution of this plugin or source is not permitted.
    2. You may only use this plugin on your Server/Network
    3. Request permission before editing our source
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Recent Reviews

  1. Wranger
    Version: 2.0
    Brilliant Plugin!
    Highly Recommend this to any survival server that wants to make bring the "Mine" back to "Minecraft" xD
    Would also be nice if some people stopped rating the way the plugins coded and maybe hmmm I don't know, RATE THE ACTUAL PLUGIN.
  2. McIsTheLimit
    Version: 2.0
    Dude really? Using §? XD Code much or naw? Literally just add

    .replace("&", "§") to the getString("Whatever")

    getConfig().getString("gem5").replace("&", "§")

    Learn how to code lol but decent plugin

    Also.. you should REALLY let me do your config.. cause yours sucks xD (Design wise)
    1. Michael Lefebvre
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the input. We will work on this and fix ASAP. Still learning.
  3. TurtleSkillz
    Version: 2.0
    Works great Thanks!
    1. Michael Lefebvre
      Author's Response
      Thank You, glad you enjoy!