MiningManager 1.1.1

Can start mining automatically

  1. Genskao
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    This goal to the plugin is to give the possibility to scan the chunk and see if there is lot of resources, mine automatically all precious resources and regenerate the world.

    The plugin works from spigot 1.11 to 1.16.

    Command and permission
    • /mm Have help about the plugin
      • no permission
    • /mm scan Give to the player the ability to scan a chunk
      • mm.scan
    • /mm scan auto Give to the player the ability to scan a chunk when the player move
    • /mm mining Start the auto mining on the selected chunk
      • mm.mining
    • /mm mining stop Stop the auto mining
      • mm.mining.stop
    • /mm mining show Show the precious resources left
    • /mm reload Reload the plugin and the configuration
      • mm.reload
    • /mm regeneration Start the regeneration of the precious resources of the worlds
      • mm.regeneration
    • /mm regeneration stop Stop the regeneration
      • mm.regeneration.stop
    • mm.ignore.price Ignore price for scan
    • mm.ignore.towny Ignore towny permission to start mining

    Code (Text):
      interval: Time (in second) to place the block to the selected chest
      timeout: Time (in second) to select a chest to start mining
      start: Time (in second) to start the mining after you have select a chest
       smite: Active/Unactive smite effect on the mined block
       explosion: Active/Unactive explosion with no power to have sound/graphic effect
      price: Price to start the mining, the money get back if you don't select chest. Set to 0 to unactive.
      price: Price to start a scan of the chunk. Set to 0 to unactive.
      active: Active/Unactive the regeneration of blocks
      interval: Interval between blocks in seconds
    Default configuration
    Code (Text):
      interval: 10
      timeout: 15
      start: 10
       smite: false
       explosion: true
      price: 100.0
      price: 10.0
      active: true
      interval: 30