Minions & Hunger - A collectible competitive card game! FREE VERSION V3.1

A competitive collectible card game like no other!

  1. xxxtrigger50xxx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
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    Minions & Hunger is a collectible competitive card game. It is a fight between summoners to be the last man standing. You face an opponent who is summoning minions each wave to kill you, while also casting spells like meteor storms, lightning strike and famine. Hunger is a currency of life in M&H, very little passive mobs spawn for food, you will have to leave the safety of your building areas to get food. Or starve trying. All while trying to summon minions to kill you opponent, while playing spells and supply cards to destroy them. There is truly no mini game like Minions & Hunger in the history of Minecraft.
    This is what a card looks like in game!
    There is three types of cards in M&H.
    Minions, these spawn each wave at the start of each round.
    Supply, these cards typically are resource related.
    Spells, these cards typically effect your enemies board.
    All cards cost Mana to play, they all have a rarity associated with the card and they are also in a set.

    Players will make their decks using a comprehensive deck editor with filter features and an easy menu to view all cards in the game.

    For admins you can either use card packs to distribute cards which use the card rarity system to determine how often they show up or you can simply get them using admin commands and sell individual cards or give them away using different methods. Once players have the cards they just need to middle click the card in their inventory to send it to their collection!

    This is what the custom editor for your deck looks like!

    There is currently 62 cards total in the game with another 30 coming to the base set soon! More sets will be released in the future!

    Here is a full list of cards currently in game! You can get a better view by checking out the excel document by clicking HERE or clicking on the image to get full details on every card in the game!

    17 NEW CARDS Since this picture!
    This describes the basic core loop of the game. From start to finish.
    1. The game starts, players draw 5 cards. Each player starts at 2 mana.
    2. After some time the round starts.
    3. When a round starts you draw a card and your mana increases by one and refresh to full.
    4. At anytime you can play any card for mana.
    5. This cycle repeats until only one player is left.
    6. Players can die to minion, the cold, or hunger.

    Your enemies health and hunger is always visible as a boss bar!

    Game Display
    While in game you will have this above your hot bar at all times.
    These icons represent different things.
    ☄ - This icon represents your players heat. Once it gets low players will take damage or worse start losing hunger. to warm up stay in well lit areas in your BUILDING area.
    ☢ - This is the round your currently on. You start on round 0.
    ⌛ - This is the time left before the next round starts!
    ☼ - This is your mana! Spend it wisely, however it comes back at the start of a new round!

    /mh maps - This command is used by admins to create their own custom M&H maps. Yes you can make your own maps! However you can find some maps for download here as well that i have made!
    /mh collection - This command is used by players to manage their collection and make their decks. You can also view all the cards here, there is a complex filtering and sorting system here as well to modify your decks by finding specific cards.
    /mh play - This command opens a menu for match making, players will be able to join CASUAL or RANKED game here. Players can also spectate games here.
    /mh getcard card-name - You can get any card using this command, however cards with spaces in their names require a "-" to be used instead, this will be changed shortly. (Admin only)
    /mh givepack- Used to get a card pack (Admin only)
    /mh givedeck- Used to get a blank deck (Admin only)

    The configuration is heavily commented to guide server owners.
    Here is the current configuration options.
    Banned Cards - This is a list of cards that players can play in casual games but not ranked games.
    Banished Cards - This is a list of cards that players can collect but not play in casual or ranked.
    Banned Cards In Packs - Prevent banned cards from showing up in card packs.
    Banished Cards In Packs - Prevent banished cards from showing up in packs.
    Allow Golden Cards In Packs - All cards have golden counter parts which have cool special effects. Great for monetizing your server!
    Ranked Maps - A list of maps you are allowing to be played on in the ranked ques.
    Starting Mana - Control how much mana players start with.
    Round Timer - Set how long each round is.
    Starting Hand Size - Set how many cards players start the game with.
    Starting Coal Nodes - Set how many coal nodes players start the game with.
    Starting Iron Nodes - Set how many iron nodes players start the game with.

    You can buy the premium by clicking HERE! Unlock the following features with premium!

    + No longer limited to 40 base cards!
    + Currently 22 unique premium only cards!
    + No limit on lobbies / maps!
    + Access to golden cards!
    + Advanced config options like starting hand size, starting mana size, starting nodes and more!

    You can message me here at anytime for help or leave a comment below.
    You can also contact me on discord using xxxtrigger50xxx #3912.
    I am also a free lancing developer if your interested in my work!

    Source code may be provided to Spigot Moderators at anytime to ensure quality assurance.

    If you have a server that is running this plugin please message me as I personally will try every server who is running this plugin! I am very excited to see what players do with your maps and the decks they are going to make!