MinStaff (No longer updating) 1.0.1

This plugin makes your server require minimal staff to operate successfully.

  1. forseth11
    Min staff makes your server require very few staff members. It does this by providing partial fixes to:

    1. Players advertising
    2. Players breaking rules
    3. Players not getting their purchased item
    4. Staff abuse
    5. Players needing help
    To fix these five things this plugin does the following:
    • Logs chat for review by staff
    • A report command to report a player
    • A issue command to report a server issue
    • A timer for how long a player has to wait to send a message x characters long when they first join the server
    • /report <player> <reason> - reports a player
    • /issue <issue> - reports an issue
    • /review chat - admin command to view 4 messages of logged chat.
    • /review <reports/issues> view <id> - review a report / issue
    • /review <reports/issues> remove <id> - deletes a report / issue
    • MinStaff.forseth11.report - Access to /report and /issue (default: true)
    • MinStaff.forseth11.admin - Access to /review command. Unless a user is op, someone with this permission can not remove reports about them. (default: op)
    • MinStaff.forseth11.adminPass - Makes chat log pause recording chat while users with this permission are online.
    #How long a player has to wait before they can chat on the server when they first join. This is in seconds.
    chatDelay: 180

    #This is the minimum chat length a user can chat while they are muted by the chatDelay timer.
    minChatLength: 7

    #This is where the reports are saved. It is advised that this part is only edited by in game commands.
    reports: []

    #This is where the issues are saved. It is advised that this part is only edited by in game commands.
    issues: []

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  1. Fixed chat log

Recent Reviews

  1. AdvancedWarfare
    Version: 1.0.1

    - Make a reports.yml
    - Make issues.yml

    Good plugin ":D
    1. forseth11
      Author's Response
      Why would I need that. They are saved in the main config.
  2. albertolarah
    Version: 1.0
    The plugin is need more addons.
    1. forseth11
      Author's Response
      Okay. Like what?