MLDokio - write a music to your heart 1.2 beta

Allows you to record your noteblock music to discs and play it everywhere

  1. Armagidon
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    MLDokio is a new era of role-playing! Now musicians on your server can record their music and play it everywhere. There might will be new professions: DJ, Producer etc. If your server is laggy but you want your musicians play their music without that monstrosity gear and buildings, download this plugin!

    syntax: /recorder start
    description: Starts recording the music
    permission: mldokio.recorder.start​
    syntax: /recorder stop
    description: Stops recording the music
    permission: mldokio.recorder.stop​
    syntax: /recorder play
    description: Plays recorded music
    syntax: /recorder save [label]
    description: Saves recorded music to file
    permission: mldokio.recorder.*​
    syntax: /recordings start [label]
    description: Starts playing misic
    syntax: /recordings stop
    description: Stops playing music
    permission: mldokio.recordings.stop​
    syntax: /recordings get [label]
    description: Gets disc with recorded music
    permission: mldokio.recordings.get​
    permission: mldokio.recordings.*​
    permission: mldokio.*​

    How to use:
    For survival:
    1. Craft recorder
    2. Open recorder's interface
    3. Press red button to start recording
    4. Turn on your noteblock machine
    5. After it played its song, press black button to stop recording
    6. If you want to play your recording, press green button, if you want to stop listening your song, press white button
    7. Name your disc in anvil, if you didn't, song will be named as "Unnamed" and you can change name of your song after, by using anvil, but only author of this song can change its name
    8. Put your disc to source input slot and press yellow button to write your music to disc from recorder.
    9. If you want to copy your music to another disc put original disc to source slot and disc to copy on to copy input and press cyan button.
    10. Put your disc to jukebox and enjoy

    For creative:
    1. Type /recorder start to start recording
    2. Turn on you noteblock machine and wait until it's played
    3. Type /recorder stop to stop recording
    4. If you want to listen your recording play /recorder play and if you want to stop listening type /recorder stop
    5. Then type /recorder save [label] use whatever name you want as label
    6. To get your disc use /recordings get [label]
    7. To play or stop playing your song use /recordings play [label] for playing and /recordings stop for stop playing. Also you can use jukebox and put your gotten disc.
    Craft of the recorder:
    Recorder interface:
    Requires: ProtocolLib

    Currently this plugin is in beta version so some changes and features can come to it. Also this plugins works only with paper and its forks. Report only on github.
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Recent Reviews

  1. dlxie
    Version: 1.2 beta
    sexy and amazing
    1.15.2 support please
  2. Big_Scary
    Version: 1.2 beta
    Simply doesn't work in 1.16.4, and spams errors in logs. Author was asked to update three weeks ago and hasn't bothered.
    1. Armagidon
      Author's Response
      Don't have time for that. Nobody need this plugin anyways. Maybe i'll update it.
  3. SofiLopi
    Version: 1.2 beta
    To be such a new plugin it works pretty well, and it does the trick for my servers. My players think it's really fun, and they sell their songs on the auction house.
    1. Armagidon
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for the review! Finally someone did this.