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All the item stats you need to make ranger class go boom boom

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Crossbow 2 Rocket Launcher
    Manual Link (wip) + MM Support Discord + GooP Support Discord
    Normally, you have MMOItem bows that have skills, and are restricted to either normal, spectral, or tipped arrows. With XBow2RL, you can make the arrows themselves execute mythic skills, so the munition type becomes special rather than only the bow.

    Furthermore, adding any numeric stats (most notably, attack damage) to arrows will add them up to the player when using these arrows!

    Triggers are the juice of this plugin, it defines when a skill will fire. XBow2RL supports all projectiles, not just arrows, and some projectiles support different triggers.

    Skills are strictly mythicmob's skills, they are always cast by the player who fires the projectile, and the projectile is always the trigger.

    Projectiles we're talking arrows, snowballs, tridents, fishing rod hook, enderpearls, experience bottles, eggs, thrown potions...

    Dependencies: GooP (free), MMOItems (premium), and MythicMobs.



    On Launch - All projectiles have this. The skill will execute when the player fires them.

    On Hit - Most projectiles have this. This executes when you hit an entity with it. The hit entity will be the target of the skill - The only one that doesnt may be the enderpearl.

    On Land - When a projectile can touch the ground without being destroyed, it will have this available. The place where the projectile lands will be the origin of the skill - Tridents, arrows, fishing rod hook.

    On End - When a projectile is destroyed, usually repalces OnLand but its not exactly the same. The last known location of the projectile will be the origin of the skill. - Snowballs, thrown potions, recalling fishing rod hook.

    Extra Item Stats
    Apart from these triggers which make up the flexibility of this plugin, there are several stats to make ammo-weapon relation even more special:

    Restrictions: Make bows/crossbows only fire specific projectiles
    • Weapon-Side: You specify these to the weapon.
      • Rocket Block - This crossbow wont fire fireworks
      • Arrow Block - This crossbow wont fire arrows
      • Offhand Block - This cannot be fired in offhand.
    • Ammunition-Side: These are unique to the ammo used.
      • Infinity Only - Bow/Crossbow enchanted with Infinity must be used to fire this arrow
      • Non-Infinity Only - This arrow cannot be fired with an infinity-enchanted bow.
      • Bows Only - This can only be fired with bows
      • Crossbow Only - This can only be fired from crossbow.
    Ammo Types: Suppose instead of an arrow you have a 'Greatarrow' that must be fired with a specific set of bows designed to fire greatarrows.
    • Weapon Type - What kind of projectile this bow/crossbow is designed to fire.
    • Inherent Type - What kind of projectile is this ammo classified as
    • Allowed Type - When equiping this item (helmet/offhand/...), which ammo type the player becomes able to fire?

    Other: Other stats added by this plugin. They may be specific to the weapon used (bow/crossbow) [W], to the ammo used [A], or to be used as equipment [E], armor pieces/offhand items and the like

      • Rocket stats (Fireworks fired from crossbows).
        • Weapon Rocket Speed (W) - Velocity of rockets fired by this weapon.
        • Rocket Speed (E) - Additional speed to that of the weapon used (for use with armor pieces / offhand items).
        • Ricochet (A) - This rocket will not explode instantly when colliding to walls, bouncing off instead.

      • Retrieving rockets like arrows can be retrieved when they land.
        • Retrieve Chance (A) - Chance of this rocket dropping as an item where it lands so that it can be picked up.
        • Retrievable (A) - Same as 100% retrieve chance.
        • Rocket Retrieve Chance (E) - Additional chance that a rocket will drop as an item where it lands
        • Magic Retrieve (E) - If an item succeeds on a retrieve roll, rather than dropping as an item in the ground it will teleport back to the player's inventory.
        • Inherent Magic Retrieve (A) - Makes this rocket to return to the player who fired it, if it succeeds on a retrieve roll.

      • Other stuff
        • Antivanilla Fire (A) - Prevents this rocket from being placed down like fireworks, or fired from dispensers, or used as elytra flying fuel.
        • Flail Action (W) - Specific to fishing rods, since you can make them flails with all the mythic skills they can cast, prevents them from fishing fish and pulling the target they hit.

    To actually make crossbows rocket launchers, as promised by the plugin, you just need to add an explosive OnEnd mythic skill to firework rockets :cool:


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