mmoLite v1.0

An awesome PVP addon

  1. gUnit
    This plugin is very simple and lightweight. It has minimal coding and is perfect for servers that have PVP. It simply adds effects on all tools (axes, shovel, etc...) except the HOE (xD).

    Sword Skill - Rage> Gives Strength, Absorption, Speed, Regen, Damage-Resist, and Fire-Resist
    Pickaxe Skill - FastHands> Gives haste and speed
    Axe Skill - FastHands> Gives haste and speed
    Shovel Skill - FastHands> Gives haste and speed

    Commands and Permissions
    • effects.use - Allow using effects
    • Customizable messages
    • Supports & code and the special format code (shape like an S)
    • Lightweight
    • Optimized code
    • Minimal coding
    • Customizable effect time and power
    Planned Features
    • Add a command
    • More effects!
    • Enchant tools for limited time
    • Separate cooldown for each item (if u want me to add it)
    The config is quite basic. It supports color code (&e, &b, etc...)

    Sword-Skills-Msg: '&9&lmmoLite> &a&oRage has been activated for 15 seconds!'
    Pickaxe-Skills-Msg: '&9&lmmoLite> &a&oHaste has been activated for 15 seconds!'
    Shovel-Skills-Msg: '&9&lmmoLite> &a&oHaste has been activated for 15 seconds!'
    Axe-Skills-Msg: '&9&lmmoLite> &a&oHaste has been activated for 15 seconds!'
    Deny-Msg: '&9&lmmoLite> &c&oInsufficient permissions to do this'
    Cooldown: 90
    Haste-Time: 15
    Haste-Power: 2
    Strength-Time: 15
    Strength-Power: 2
    Heal-Time: 15
    Heal-Power: 2
    Speed-Time: 15
    Speed-Power: 2
    Toughness-Time: 15
    Toughness-Power: 2
    Fire-Resist-Time: 15
    Fire-Resist-Power: 2
    Absorption-Time: 15
    Absorption-Power: 2

    Bugs or Issues
    You can PM me the bugs or just go to discussion area. To avoid bugs, use Java 8_40 and PaperSpigot-1.8.3 LATEST. If u want another recompilation or a new java version, PM me. It will cost a small teeny amount ($7.50 max)

    Plugin Request

    Want me to make a plugin for you? PM me :). I am just starting development as you can see so they are very cheap

Recent Reviews

  1. SuperSniper
    Version: v1.0
    Pretty easy to create, but takes time.
    Nice plugin!
    1. gUnit
      Author's Response
      Pretty easy. Basic plugin. Thanks for your review :)